HEEEEEY Girlfriend,

I bet I know why you’re here…

Your Direct Sales Business is sucking ass…You have no idea how you’re going to hit your BIG goals…Your calendar has less parties than you want on it…Your parties have low attendance…Your team is dropping like fliesAnd you feel like you’re overworking yourself, missing out on your family and not seeing any results from all of your efforts, right?

So you’re here to see if I am what you’re looking for…Well, you’re in the right place because I am the polar opposite of ANY Direct Sales Coach you’ll find out there…I am your no fluff, no bullshit, no handholding, tell it like it is, while giving you the kick in the ass you need, COACH!

It’s my passion to help you become a better mother, wife, person for yourself, while teaching you how to create your fastest path to cash through my simple systems for Direct Sales Success. So if this sounds like what you’re looking for, I’ll see you in the Party Plan POWERstart Program!

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Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity

Get a personal coach + personal training courses + a support community – all in one place!
Never stress about booking parties again!

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Party Plan POWERstart Program

This is not the same crap you’ve been taught before.

  • Build a successful home party business (so you have more freedom)
  • Learn how to consistently book parties (stop the feast or famine)
  • Discover a newfound confidence in yourself
  • Be a better wife and mother
  • Stop struggling alone and wasting time on things that don’t work
  • Join a sisterhood of people who truly care about your success
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After implementing the first module in Rockstar Direct Sellers, I was instantly able to add over 24 parties to my calendar and put myself in the #1 sales spot for our whole team. I have gone from about $2200-$2500 a month to $5500-$6000 a month, I am sponsoring my buns off and my calendar is so full! I feel like my blood has oxygen again! I have never been so relaxed in my business and I owe it all to this program and Alishia’s coaching. I’m so thankful.
Karylyn L., Tastefully Simple
Rockstar Direct Sellers was what I needed to change what I was doing and face my fear & rise. This has been invaluable and as a result, here are specific details about my biz growth. I am now booking 8-10 parties a month and making a minimum of $1500 a month rocking my business. Rockstar Direct Sellers has helped me gain confidence in myself, allowed us to pay off our bills quicker & given me the life that I wanted to lead in direct sales.
Tia C., Norwex
Since I joined the Rockstar Direct Sellers I have 5-8 parties a month consistently and my income has been between $800 and $1200 each month. I’ve been promoted to Senior Consultant (will be promoted to Director shortly) and feel confident about leading my team which is currently 8 members strong. Alishia also teaches a lot of time management skills that have helped tremendously in balancing life and business…had it not been for this membership I think I would be driving my family crazy!
Rebecca H., Thirty One Gifts

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