Did you know…That I am like the self help book reading queen?

Of course there’s still tons of books that I haven’t read, but I have a HUGE list of ones that I recommend.

So, I thought it would be FUN to share with you my favorite Personal Development/Self Help books of all time.

30 minutes a day, you go for your workout, whatever that is for you and listen to an audio book that will change your life.

A few weeks ago, I talked about the 14 Steps to Surviving The Summer Slump in 2014 and one of the steps on there was to read 15 minutes per day.

When you do this, you can read a 300 page book in about 20 days, which means that if the books don’t have a ton of pages, you could read 2 books per month!!!!!


I know, it’s crazysauce, but it’s true.

Anthony Robbins says

“If you’re not learning growing you’re dying”

So you need to make it a point to always be learning & growing, okay?

Here they are, Power Coach Alishia’s 14 MUST READ Books for 2014

MOST ot hess are my ALL TIME Favorite Books Too…

I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the ones I’ve read/listened to multiple times!

1. The Secret


Over and over again I have read this book, listened to this book, promoted this book and marketed this book.

This is a MUST READ book for every living soul on Earth!

Especially if you suffering from stinkin’ thinkin’ as Zig Ziglar says…

I wish I could put into words all the changes this book has brought to my life…

Honestly though, you won’t really understand until you experience it for yourself.

2.The Magic of Thinking Big

Thinking Big

This is a great book if you suffer from small thinking and you are looking for a book to help you elevate your dreaming and push yourself harder.

This was one of the first self help books I ever read and give it 5 stars

3. Attitude is Everything


I swear I have read this book 10 times and every time I get something different from it…and one of my favorite quotes is “Your Attitude is Your Window in Which You View The World”

It’s always stuck with me…

You can totally read this one sitting and you should…A page turner AND a life changer, with the quickness.


4. Think & Grow Rich


An all-time classic which applies more today than ever – I could sit here and write so many amazing things about this book…

Instead I will say this:

If you ever wanted to harness the power of your thoughts to create your world, this book is it.

I chose to purchase the big expanded version on audible which is about 44 hours, but it’s WELL worth it.

5. No Matter What

I read this book on a retreat that I went on and it’s a REALLY GREAT soul searching book where you dig deep and spend time figuring out what has held you back…

Why you are the way you are…

And what you need to do NO MATTER WHAT to rise, grow and change!  LOVE IT

6. Live The Life You Love, You Deserve It by “ME” Power Coach Alishia

This really goes without saying 😉

Buuuuuut just in case you would like to know why I am recommending this book to you…

It’s because it is filled with the foundation strategies that helped me become Power Coach Alishia and I KNOW they will help you become your “YOU” too.

7. Get Rich Lucky Bitch

A badass book about money, money blocks, money strategies and some really simple ways to fall in love with your money + make a shit ton more of it.

HIGHLY recommend this book if you want a no fluff approach to making and keeping more of your money…

Plus figuring out why you have the blocks there in the first place!

8. Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

9. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

10. Five Wishes

11. Hero: The Secret

12. Little Gold Book of a YES! Attitude

13. The Secrets of Closing The Sale

14. Excuses Be Gone

Once you read each and every one of these books, you will understand why they are on the MUST READ list.

Share with me below, have you read any of these? What is your review of them? How did they change your life?

Power Coach Alishia