Did you know that what you do for you business today affects it 90 days from now?

Like literally, think 3 months ahead and based on what you’re doing right now, is it going to be slow, sucky & stressful?


Is it gonna ROCK because you’re kicking ass right now and not letting anything stop you?

Well, even if you are kicking ass right now…


And I am going to share it with you today!

Because as you know, a year from now, you’ll wish you started today.

FOLLOWING this plan is the difference in whether or not you rock and roll through the busy season or have a slower year because you didn’t prepare ahead.

One of the best ways that I have found to overcome a lull in my business is to do a “Party Push” which is 20 parties in 30 days.

Now, before you pass out on me…

If you are only doing business part time (4 parties per month) then you will want to triple the amount of parties than you normally book.

So if you normally book 4 per month, then book 12…

If you normally book 8 then just do the 20 party push like I am suggesting here.

Getting 20 parties booked can be hard as hell, especially if you are already struggling to get bookings as it is.

That’s what’s really cool about having me here to guide, lead and kick you in the ass when you need it.

I have the EXACT plan that will show you how to book 20 parties so that you can SKYROCKET your success and NEVER RUN OUT OF BOOKINGS AGAIN!

And when in my Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity, I am going to show you how to do just that…

Right off the bat in your first 8 weeks of training you will learn 7 different ways to fill your calendar with parties…

And that’s just the beginning…

So CLICK HERE and let’s get ROCKIN’ these 20 bookings together!

Of course I am not going to let you leave this post without 3 tips to help you do 20 parties in 30 days whether or not you hire me as your coach. :-)

  1. Have a Family Meeting: You gotta get your family on board because you will be batshit banana sandwhich crazy busy (ha ha ha ha I love that analogy from my Soul Sister Shasta). Anyways, when you have this meeting, you need to have some sort of reward that the family gets once you complete your goal. Maybe it’s a vacation, a pool…Something that will get them excited!
  2. Lay Out Your Calendar: Figure out WHERE you can put a party so that you have 20 slots available. This is the part where most consultants FAIL. All you gotta do is have 2-3 slots open on Saturdays and WAAAAHLAAAAA, you can do parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and get your 20 parties in.
  3. Contact Everydamn Body: Past hostesses, past clients and past guests at parties to get them to book. The key is to give them an irresistible offer to book a party with you. In Rockstar Direct Sales, you will learn exactly what to offer them and how to get them to book so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Now, I never said that this will be an easy intention to accomplish…



It WILL be worth it!


You Will Enjoy:

  • The freedom – to pick and choose who you want to do parties for (no more booking everyone who wants to party with you because you’re desperate)
  • A FAT Bank Account – You will have a TON of EXTRA money to enjoy (WOOT, this month you will have more money than month)
  • A Full Calendar for Next Month – (You don’t even have to kind of worry about where the next booking is going to come from)


How would you feel if you had a full calendar of parties every month and you didn’t have to worry about HOW you were going to get them?

Remember, your current month’s efforts and results determine how successful your month is going to be 3 months from now!

So plan ahead & let’s do this, TOGETHER.

If you would like my support in this push and help you rock it out, If you would like my support in this push and help you rock it out, CLICK HERE

Shout Out Below…Are You Gonna Take The Rockstar 20 Parties in 30 Days Challenge?