Last year I did a big ol’ post about 14 Must Read Books in 2014 and I included some of my old favorites on that list too…

Well, this year I decided to share with you, my review of the books I read so you could check the ones out that you connect with.

Now, these aren’t in order because I didn’t do the smart thing and keep a list + review as I read them…


This year I will so it will make it easy for me to do the 2016 Year End Book Review for You!

Ha ha ha ha ha

Right as I wrote that line I realized that should be the title of this post and the future year-end reviews #BOOM, I am so brilliant, LOL.

Okay, on with the program!

I would love to say that I got through a TON of books this year, being on the road for 70 days and all…

BUUUUT the truth is, I only listened to ONE book on the road, all the others were listened to and read during my Heart Centered Journey’s or driving around town.

A real testing year for sure!

You can read all about it in my post Looking Back at 2015… The GOOD! The BAD! The UGLY!

So yeah, always remember that if you don’t have time to read, you should totally sign up for AUDIBLE and listen to these books as you drive, workout, cook dinner, ya know during your NET (No Extra Time) time as Anthony Robbins calls it.

Quantum Success by Sandra Ann Taylor

Quantum Success by Sandra Ann Taylor

OMG!  This was one of the “THE” best books I have ever read…

Seriously, when I was at an event that she was speaking at with like 30 other speakers, I literally stood by her table handing this book to everyone looking at her stuff, telling them they HAD to get it.

And I even said “No I don’t work for her, she doesn’t know I am doing this, this book is just that good, it will seriously change your life”

So with that, every person I handed it to bought one and they sold out!

The way that she breaks down all the universal laws will blow your mind…

And they are so simple to understand + implement that you have a REAL life changer in your hand!

If there’s no other book you read in your life, YOU GOTTA GET THIS BOOK!

12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran

12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran

Okay so, when I read this book, this idea and purchased the plan that went along with it, I totally thought that it was going to be simple to implement + follow…

I was in LOVE with the idea of a 12 week year…

Only focusing on your business for 90 days at a time to get the maximum results.

Well, I guess my mind wasn’t in the right place when I did my best to implement it because it just didn’t work out how I had intended.

Then after my surgery in September of 2015, everything started to change for me and it was like 100% clarity regarding Rockstar Direct Sales and how I want to run my business showed up.

Starting in December 2015 I started laying out my promotion schedules etc for my team to follow and implement so we could see what we were working with for the next 90 days and where we needed to tweak as we implemented new things and re-implemented things that worked in the past.

Now, as I write this to you, I believe it’s time for me to revisit the 12 week year as whole because I am READY!

I do believe this book will help you A TON in getting focused on 90 days at a time and change how you run your business forever!

So with that being said, start with the book to get your bearings and then go from there!

4 Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman

4 Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman

One word said 3 times…


This book was such an eye-opener to me to see what “I” needed to do differently in my marriage to help it stay in the season that I want it in.

It was crazy…

After the first section about the different seasons, I looked at how many spots that I highlighted and I was like WOW, this book has already impacted me SOOOO MUCH!

It also taught me through my own self-realization, where I was failing as a wife…

Now listen, I know that may not sound encouraging because you don’t want to know where you’re failing as a wife, BUUUUUT


“If you ignore where you need to grow and learn, you could be the reason your marriage fails…”

You don’t want that, do you?


The Desire Map by Daniel Laporte

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

As you know, I have a total woman crush on Daniel Laporte!

I love the shit out of her…

Everything she stands for…

And her brilliant creations!

The Desire Map is a MUST HAVE book to learn to live your life from a place of how you feel instead of off the cuff full of stress and overwhelm.

At this point, this book has made it to my ALL TIME FAVORITE books list since I have listened/read it at least 5 different times + I did a LIVE 6-week training on it.  <— No worries I will be doing another one this year!

If you have not experienced living life from a place of your Core Desired Feelings…

This is the piece of your life and business puzzle that you’ve been missing >>> DO NOT GO ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT READING THIS BOOK!

Money & The Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks

Money And The Law of Attraction by sther and Jerry Hicks

Of course, you know that I cannot go a whole year…

Hell, I cannot even go a half a year…

Well, not even a quarter without reading a book on Law of Attraction…

I do LOVE The Secret and listen to it 2-3 times a year!

This book is different though because Abraham (from what I understand) is living in the Vortex, the world between ours and where the angels live.

So having their perspective on how we think, what we do, etc is so eye opening, helpful and exhilarating all at the same time…

This book makes SOOOOO much sense, especially if you LOVE living the law of attraction in your life every day!

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning

Even though this book is not first on the list (I didn’t go in the order that I read them), it was the first book that I read in 2015 and let me just say “I LOVED the idea of the Miracle Morning”

However, because there was so much stuff to remember to do and it all didn’t light me up inside, I found myself procrastinating, only doing part of it or getting frustrated because I couldn’t remember all that was supposed to be included in it…

Now, this is NOT to say that this isn’t a great book to read…

It’s to say that maybe I wasn’t ready for what it had to offer…


Since I don’t like getting up by an alarm the “Do it before 8 am” thing was enough for me to say “HELL NO”


Maybe it wasn’t the book for me!

Either way, I am pretty sure because of this book I developed my OWN system called the Heart Centered Journey that I LOVE doing, way more than the Miracle Morning…

Basically, it’s my custom-made miracle morning LOL.

So read it…Or don’t and wait for my Heart Centered Journey post to come out…

Just know, it was a great book and worth the time you will give in exchange for the information you get out of it.

Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Your Erroneous Zone by Wayne W. Dyer



Is a lot like the other books that he has written, but it was a great refresher for my subconscious mind while sleeping on the airplane while listening to it on audiobook.

It was was of the BEST books he’s ever written so if you aren’t a Dr. Wayne Dyer NUT like I am, you will be after reading/listening to this book.




Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey

Act Like a Success Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey


This book was recommended by my brother…

I haven’t ever read or listened to anything by Steve Harvey so I thought I would give it a shot…

Here’s the thing, I know I listened to this book 3 or 4 times…

I don’t remember much of it, but I do remember LOVING the messages that Steve Harvey shared, how easy they were to understand and relate to in my life and business.

This is a MUST-READ for anyone in business who struggles with keeping their mind right!

I am pretty sure the reason why I don’t remember a lot of it is due to the fact that this was also an airplane listen to while sleeping and feeding my subconscious mind…

So don’t discount it and be sure to read/listen to it too!

2016 Rockstar Success System – Calendar + Planner Custom-Designed for Direct Sellers

Calendar Planner for Direct Sales Consultants

Of course, you know that there’s no way I can do a year-end  book review and not add in my very own Rockstar Success System…

It helps you prioritize, organize, manage and balance your life + business!

It’s the first system of it’s kind custom-designed for the Direct Sales busy mom and entrepreneur…

This is a MUST-HAVE if you want an easy way to prioritize, organize, manage and balance your life + business.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE >>> 

There you have it…

My 2015 year end book review!

And just to warn you…

These books a VERY powerful way for you to learn and grow every single day in your life + biz…

It’s up to you if you’re going to take what I’ve shared with you here and spend the time reading them or if you’re going to keep doing what you’re doing.

Just remember, your life and business don’t get better and better until you take action towards change!

Love, Love, Love!

Power Coach Alishia