Pushing, pushing and pushing, but still not getting the recruits that you desire…

What I am I doing wrong?

Maybe I am not cut out for this?

I NEED recruits….

Have you been thinking this kind of stuff?

The More You NEED Something, The  More Needing You Attract to You!

If you’ve never read “The Secret” I highly recommend you do because where focus goes energy grows, that can mean positive or negative energy.

So if you really NEED money or you really NEED to build a team…

If your reason why is for your own reasons and it has nothing to do with helping others, you will just continue to attract more needing to you.  

It’s only when you shift your focus to gratitude and working towards the end result that you will attract more success to you and it won’t feel like so much “work”

When it comes to building a team, there’s 3 things you have to have:

  1. You Have to Be Ready
  2. You Have to Be Mentally Fit
  3. You Have to Have  Simple Systems in Place

Be Ready:

A lot of times when it comes to getting a leadership position with a company, the leader gets there by accident and now has a team of people looking up to them for help to be successful to.

There’s not really anything that can initially be done about this persay except, make sure your butt is at every single meeting, on every corporate call and implementing everything you learn.

This is the LONG way to get there but it’s better than “trying” to figure it out on your own.

Be Mentally Fit:

Personally developing your mind every single day so that you can inspire your team to greatness is the quickest to be come mentally fit and keep a solid Mental and Emotional Attitude.

So even if you’re brand new right now, you can be ahead of most leaders if you just focus on personal development.

A great book to start with is mine, “Live The Life You Love, You Deserve It”, CLICK HERE to get your copy.

Have Simple Systems in Place:

This is the #1 reason why I do a lot of work with leaders.

They either don’t have specific steps that they took to get where they are or the steps they took aren’t duplicatable so every new team member they or mostly every one, ends up quitting.

You don’t want this to be you, so if you don’t have any systems in place, let me help you with my Leadership Mastery Program

When you aren’t ready, don’t have a strong mental/emotional attitude and you have no specific, simple systems in place to retrain, you will continually struggle to build a team and business.

SHARE BELOW…Can you identify with any of the reasons why you’re not recruiting?  What’s holding you back from building a team?