How many times have you thought to yourself “If this person could just earn her kit somehow then she could join my team”?

So you go to work “TRYING” to figure out the best way to help her earn her kit…

Reading about this idea and that idea + getting so excited because you “MIGHT” have just struck a goldmine in building your team faster.


Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth…

You’re going to KILL your team’s success by being this kind of leader…a

And let me just say that most people wouldn’t agree with me regarding this…they would say, “You should do whatever you can to help people get a kit and change their lives…”

However, I say “You can’t want it for someone more than they want it for themselves and when you help them not have to pay for their starter kit like the rest of us…

You are giving them an out…

A way to be lazy…

A way to make excuses

And then guess what?

You have a lazy recruit, who always depends on you for everything, makes excuses and then blames you when they fail”

Of course this isn’t the case with ALL recruits who earned their kit, just about 99.999999999% of them.

And hear me when I say this too…


Because all they need is to really borrow that money from themselves or someone else for about 30 days and then follow your plan of success for them.

WHEN they do that, they won’t be out the money they spent and they are willing to do the work to ROCK their business.

The problem with this is, you probably don’t have a solid plan for them to recoup that money within the next 30 days so you don’t have the confidence to tell them that…

When it comes to be a successful leader, you have to be confident in your ability to lead your team to success…

You also have to be VERY careful and avoid these 5 pitfalls or your team will NEVER flourish.

Pitfall #1: Let People Earn Their Kit

We’ve already talked about this one because it’s so important that you realize what you’re doing when you’re getting so involved with their sob story that you are letting them do this.

I can honestly tell you that when people are actually invested financially in their business from the gate, they do much better investing in the future to get the things they need to be even more successful.

i.e products for stock, free gifts for bookings, incentive plans for their team, investing in coaching (WITH ME, HA HA HA) etc.

If they don’t invest financially in the beginning or they have money problems when they start, it will always be this way until they do something different.


That something different is usually them, thinking that they Direct Sales Industry isn’t for them, so they quit.

Pitfall #2: You Get Too Emotionally Involved With Your Team

You’re supposed to be leading her, not worrying about where she is now. Her current financial situation is not your problem.

Your job is to set her up for success…she buys the kit; you lead her to a successful business plan and route.

‪If her kit ends up being a “financial burden” it’s because SHE didn’t do anything.

‪You can give her all the tools and training in the world, buuuuuut if she doesn’t do it, that’s NOT your problem.

‪Be VERY careful not to put yourself into other people’s life situations.

‪You are here to lead, not to get so emotionally involved that you cloud what you need to do as a leader.

‪Just being real with you, if you lead from this place it will derail your teams success.

‪I’m not saying not to care; I’m saying to care about the RIGHT things as her leader.

Pitfall #3: You Aren’t Leading by Example

“ALISHIA! Please teach me how to recruit, I need to recruit, I need to learn how to build my team, I want to change people’s lives + make a residual income”

Yes, this is all great and dandy, however, you should NOT be recruiting IF you aren’t strong in the 3 main foundations of a Direct Sales Business in the first place…

When you are FULLY booked every month…THEN YOU ARE READY TO BUILD A TEAM (This means you’ve mastered Booking Parties)

When you get a CONISTENT 10+ ordered per party…THEN YOU ARE READY TO RECRUIT (This means you’ve mastered Hostess Coaching)

When you are selling $100 per person CONSISTNTLY…THEN YOU ARE READY TO RECRUIT (This mean you’ve mastered Selling)

Pitfall #4: You Don’t Control Your Time

Better said “You don’t create boundaries with your team so that they respect your time”

As a leader it is NOT your responsibility to be at your teams beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days per year.

Your job is to get them started right from the gate with a solid plan so that they can INDEPENDENTLY run their OWN businesses successfully.


To let them know your availability to them from the gate…

Times, days of the week, team meetings, team calls etc…

They need to know, that’s when they can reach you…Not just whenever the hell they feel like it.

You have to make sure you teach them where they can find their answer too though, when you aren’t available


Have a community for your team where they can ask each other questions and create that camaraderie & relationship with each other.

Pitfall #5: You Don’t Train Your Team Properly

We touched on this in pitfall #4 and #3…

Of course you cannot lead your team to success if you aren’t having consistent success yourself.

BUUUUUT did you know that?

FIRST you need to learn how to run your business solidly…


Then you need to formulate a plan on how you’re going to teach them how to be successful in their business.


Don’t just sign them up and send them to look at all the training the company offers or even just send them all the info your upline sends you.


You need to have a strategic plan that’s laid out in a way that they have time to absorb all that they need to do in a bite-sized manner.




Along with this…


If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time for you to make a HUGE move in your business.


You have to make sure that what you’re teaching them ACTUALLY WORKS!


The fact that you’re still reading this let’s me know that you could use some more leadership training that will really help you with this stuff…


So I would like to invite you to join me in a city near you on the Survive The Summer Slump Tour.


Because in all honesty, your lack of team leadership skills comes from the inside and all your personal trials that you’ve gone through in your life that leads to doubt, over involving yourself in others lives and wanting something that you aren’t ready for.


A kick ass life coaching/business coaching event is just what you need to lay the foundation and really unleash the badass leader that’s inside you.