If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned, it’s to NEVER be afraid to THINK BIG!

There’s so much that goes into planning for 2014 because as you know there’s actually 4 legs to my businesses which is 4 different businesses….Which also means that I have to create intentions for each one + all my LIFE intentions. So below you will see my LIFE Intentions & BUSINESS intentions.

This was suppose to be a list of 100 but I ended up with a list of 119…As am over achiever it fits right in line with me. And the best part is that my life intentions are longer than my business intentions which is exactly what my main intention is for 2014! FAMILY! FREEDOM! FORTUNE!

2014 Dream Board for Power Coach Alishia of Rockstar Direct Sales


  1. Had 52 Date Nights with Daniel
  2. Had 52 Date Nights with Boys
  3. Got pregnant with our first baby girl
  4. Built a STRONG communicative relationship with the boys.
  5. Fell more in love with Daniel and built a deeper bond.
  6. Had 52 Sunday Dinners with My Mom
  7. Had 52 Girls Days with my mom
  8. Went on 12 Spa Days
  9. Went to Mexico for Jennifer’s wedding
  10. We are completely debt-FREE
  11. Bought Mom a 2014 Chrysler 300C
  12. Paid Cash for 2014 fully loaded Kia Sorrento
  13. Paid Cash for 2014 fully loaded BMW 3 Series
  14. Had 156 Special Days
  15. Had 52 “ME” Days
  16. Did 365 Hour of Powers
  17. Went on Disney Pixar Cruise to Alaska
  18. Went Ice Skating
  19. Went Skiing
  20. Went to Maine
  21. Spent a month in a cabin in Utah for Summer Vacay
  22. Went to Utah for Christmas
  23. Went to Montana Snowmobiling
  24. Went on a carriage ride around temple square
  25. Saw the Tabernacle Choir Christmas event
  26. Went on Anniversary Vacay to All inclusive resort
  27. Went on 4 Marriage Getaways
  28. Bought a Mac computer
  29. Watched the Sunset over the beach
  30. Visited Christmas Lane in Dover, FL
  31. Went on Safari Vacay in Miami
  32. Did 52 Crafts with Boys
  33. Ran a 5K
  34. Ran a 10K
  35. Ran a Half Marathon
  36. Bought an outfit off a manikin in a store
  37. Rented a beach house for the weekend
  38. Swam for shark teeth with boys
  39. Went to the beach in Pinellas county with fun stuff for boys.
  40. Went to beach and sand creations in December
  41. Bought a new pair of skate shoes
  42. Got my tattoo covered on my back
  43. Got my tattoo on my wrist redone
  44. Visited the Kinsman’s in MO at least 2 times
  45. Hired a date night nanny
  46. Hired a dog sitter
  47. Hired a housekeeper
  48. Hired a grocery shopper/errand runner
  49. Purchased 2 gifts per month for Christmas, holidays and birthdays
  50. Send nieces and nephews cards every holiday
  51. Send Christmas and birthday presents to family
  52. Spend 2 days with Gaven
  53. Took the kids to the circus
  54. Went to DCI
  55. Took Tony to DCI
  56. Took boys to Washington DC
  57. Took Chris to see the Cowboys game
  58. Took Daniel to New England Patriots Game
  59. Took Daniel to a UFC Fight, front row + VIP tickets
  60. Took Daniel to see “The Rock” wrestle, front row + VIP tickets
  61. Went on 250 runs
  62. Got curly hair extensions for long hair
  63. Got family pictures done every quarter
  64. Hired an Interior Decorator
  65. Hired a personal wardrobe stylist
  66. Made new friends with 3 families where we live to hang out with.
  67. Taught the boys hop scotch
  68. Went on Hot Air Balloon Ride
  69. Purchased Utah House Across The Street from Tony & Saundra
  70. Spent a week in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee
  71. Became a certified Zumba Instructor
  72. Went to Zumba 52 times
  73. Went to see Anthony Robbins live as a VIP
  74. Went to See Kevin Hart
  75. Went to See Jeff Dunham
  76. Went to See Stomp April 30th- May 3rd
  77. Went on Vacay the last week every month
  78. Took 12 roadtrips
  79. Coached Rownin’s Soccer team
  80. Hit My Savings Goal
  81. Signed up for “LIFE” Personal Development
  82. Lost 30lbs and kept it off
  83. Did Willardson Memory Jar
  84. Had quarterly BBQ with neighbors
  85. Went to beach 52 times
  86. Did Cash System
  87. Saved enough to move into new house
  88. Had 12 Girls Night Craft Nights
  89. Wrote Book of Willardson’s 2014 Memories


  1. 1543 NEW Rockstar Members joined us
  2. 150 NEW Splatt Parties Artists joined us
  3. I had 35 VIP Day Clients
  4. I did 90 Leadership Trainings
  5. I did 36 Paid Speaking Gigs
  6. I Created 6 new products for Splatt
  7. I Created 4 new products for Rockstar MOMpreneurs
  8. I did 2 Live Bootcamps
  9. I am an Amazon.com #1 Bestseller
  10. I wrote 5 NEW Rockstar MOMpreneurs Courses
  11. I launched Rockstar Entrepreneurs
  12. I wrote 7 Rockstar Entrepreneurs Courses
  13. I created 2 products for Rockstar Entrepreneurs
  14. I hired a complete team for Splatt
  15. I hired a complete team for AWE
  16. Redesigned WP website for Splatt
  17. Redesigned WP website for AWE (Rockstar MOMpreneurs & Entrepreneurs)
  18. Purchased software for Splatt
  19. Inspired 100,000 people to think BIGGER
  20. Built a 7 figure per year business empire
  21. Wrote Party Plan Book
  22. Wrote Money Making Book
  23. Got a NEW Peak Power Coach site
  24. Paid mom her dream yearly salary
  25. Paid Shasta her dream yearly salary
  26. Paid Amy her dream yearly salary
  27. Flew Splatt & AWE team to Florida twice
  28. Blogged 104 times
  29. Did 52 Wednesday Wisdoms
  30. Did 52 Monday POWERfuels

As you can tell, everything is written in past tense as if it’s already been achieved because that’s how I write my intentions, yet another trick that you can use to create your life in advance.

Now, these intentions lists are for you to see that I too, DREAM BIG and put myself out there just as I encourage you to do. Of course you won’t have the same intentions, so this is about you digging deep and creating the intentions list that YOU want for 2014.

Notice how detailed this list is too…You want yours to be details, because the more details you add the easier it is for it to come to fruition, when things are left to chance, you never know how they will end up.

Nothing on here was put here to chance, therefore it has PASSION & PLANNING, the two things, that if you remember correctly, were missing when we were “Looking Back on 2013”
COMING SOON!!!!! Letter to myself for 2014…If you haven’t had a chance, check out the letter to myself for 2013 >>>> “Looking Back on 2013”



I never ended up writing myself a letter for me to read at the end of 2014…

Wanna guess why?

Because my intentions were just way too damn much to fit into one, short powerful letter!