How To Get Started With Young Living Essential Oils

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Get Started Right With Essential Oils:

  1. Learn how to Detoxify Your Life With Essential Oils – CLICK HERE!
  2. Want to get started on your own essential oils journey?  Find out how – HERE
  3. Excited about building a business with Young Living? Let’s chat about how you can make an extra $1,000 per month, showing people how to use oils to heal their mind, body and soul -Email Me For Details

Why Essential Oils?

When it comes to essential oils, Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity!

They carefully monitors every step of the production of the oils from beginning to end through a unique seed to seal process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil and protecting nature’s living energy in every bottle.

This unsurpassed commitment to quality means that you can be confident that Young Living essential oils are both safe and effective.

Young Living farms, located around the globe, are dedicated to perfecting the best growing and harvesting methods. Their experts also travel the world visiting their co-op farms to verify that their growing and cultivating processes match their high standards.

These operations provide an ongoing source for essential oils that meet Young Living’s demanding quality standards.

You can purchase Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils in one of two ways:

  1. As a Wholesale Member (best option)
  2. Or as a Retail Customer via the Young Living website

I recommend buying Young Living essential oils by joining as a wholesale member because wholesale members get an amazing 24% discount off every product that is offered.


As a Young Living Wholesale Member you only have to agree to order a minimum of $50 per year.

By signing up and purchasing your starter kit, completes your minimum requirement for the entire first year… WOOT! WOOT!


Once you get started healing your Mind, Body & Soul with essential oils, the very next thing you’re going to want to do is tell everyone you know how amazing they are and what they have done for you…

Before you do that and miss out on the chance to get your oils for FREE, make sure you are signed up as a Wholesale Member, it’s totally worth it! (don’t make the same mistake I did)

Wholesale Customer Sign-Up (RECOMMENDED)

  • Set up Account
  • Step One: At the top of the order page, mark the Wholesale Member – this is for both distributor and wholesale member. If you would like to be a distributor (or get your oils for free by sharing with your peeps), sign up as a Wholesale Member & then you’ll need to take one more additional step which I’ll explain below
    • In the Enrollor and Sponsor spaces, my number should already be there.  If it is not, add it now to both spaces: 2329018.
    • Fill in all of your personal information.  The form will ask you for your tax id number. This number is just in case you decide to become a distributor in the future and begin making money from Young Living.  You do need to enter it.
  • Step Two: Pick Your Starter Kit: Choose one of the three in the top row.
    • The Premium Starter Kit is the Best Value!

      Premium Starter Kit with Home Diffuser - Young Living

      When you order your own premium starter kit, you are entitled to wholesale pricing on all Young Living products, this is 24% off of the retail prices. Share this with your friends and family by ordering for them, or have them enroll to get their own kit and discount. The value truly is built into the premium starter kit. You even get the option to choose your own diffuser with the kit. The Premium Starter Kit is $160 ($312 value) and includes:

      • A 2015 Product Guide
      • Diffuser (Option of Home, Bamboo, DewDrop or Aria Diffusers)
      • Bonus bottle of Stress Away
      • AromaGlide Roller Fitment
      • 2 packets of Ningxia Red
      • 10 Mini dram bottles for samples
      • 10 Sample packets of oil
      • 10 product usage cards with a place to attach a sample
      • 5ml bottle of DiGize
      • 5ml bottle of Lemon
      • 5ml bottle of Frankincense
      • 5ml bottle of Peppermint
      • 5ml bottle of Thieves
      • 5ml bottle of PanAway
      • 5ml bottle of R.C
      • 5ml bottle of Copaiba
      • 5ml bottle of Purification
      • 5ml bottle of Lavender
  • Step Three: Pick Your Essential Rewards Kit: Essential rewards is for anyone who is signing up as a distributer OR if you will be ordering $50 or more each month.  If you aren’t, simply scroll down and check the circle for “No, thank you. I plan on enrolling in the Essential Rewards Program later.”
  • Then continue with your set up, entering your credit card information, etc.
  • You will receive your package soon, WOOT! WOOT!

Wholesale Customer/Essential Rewards:

Essential Rewards is the very best part of Young Living. Really.  Once you have your account set up and you have received your Starter Kit, we can go into your account and set it up.

You will receive a shipment each month of whatever you want to order.  As long as the shipment is 50PV or more (about $50), you will receive Essential Rewards points which can be used as dollars toward future purchases. You also save on shipping costs. AND you get an opportunity to receive free promotional products!

Essential Rewards Points can be used dollar for dollar toward products. AND the longer you are in it, the more you get back.

  • 0-6 months: Receive 10% back in points
  • 7-12 months: Receive 15% back in points
  • 13+ months: Receive 20% back in points

Alright, Now You Can Share Your Oils!

You are going to share your oils. You will. They are SO AMAZING and you will have such great results, you won’t NOT be able to. And people will ask. They will ask what you are doing, why you are doing so well.

Tell them! Let them know about the oils. And, most importantly, share the opportunity to have a wholesale account of their very own. Then help them sign up, going through the process I just took you through.

Young Living is a referral based business. What that means is they THANK YOU for sending people their way by sending you a Thank You check for each person you sign up! All you need is a 50pv order in the same month they sign up and you receive $50! The Essential Rewards Program, makes this a no-brainer!

Retail Customer Sign-Up

Purchase the oils at retail prices.  Anytime.  Begin by setting up an account.  Click Here to set it up.  At the top of the page, you will see a choice for Retail Customer OR Wholesale Member.  Select Young Living Retail Customer.  (You can always upgrade to a wholesale account anytime.)

A’s to Your Q’s

Why should I become an Young Living Wholesale Member vs a Retail Member?

Wholesale Members can also be Independent Distributors. This just means in addition to the wholesale pricing (24% off retail price), you also have the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free oils. If becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor is something you are considering, please Email Me I will be more than happy to help you with getting your essential oil business up and running!

Signing up as a wholesale member puts you under no obligation to distribute the oils.  It simply means that you get to enjoy the benefits of a discounted wholesale membership and save 24% on everything you order, forever. Young Living does not have any monthly minimum purchase requirements, contracts, or annual fees. It truly is risk free. They stand by their product and let it do the talking.

Is there a monthly order minimum?

No. You do not have to order monthly in order to benefit from being a Wholesale Member. Once you order your premium starter kit, you are free to just order more oils as the need arises… or not. That is the best part. You are never required to order anything, ever. However, as a wholesale member you will always pay 24% less than retail on everything you order.

I don’t really want to sell essential oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a Wholesale Member? 

Absolutely not. Being a wholesale member simply means that you are getting your products at wholesale prices. 24% less that the full retail price. You are never… I repeat, never required to sell anything.

What do I need to do to get started?

To begin as a Wholesale Member, you simply start by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit. This is the same kit I purchased to help me dive into the world of essential oils. It is hands down the most cost effective way to get the most oils at once. Not to mention you will also get the home diffuser.


The Essential Oil Handbook is a MUST-HAVE if you really want to understand essential oils and put them to their ULTIMATE uses for your mind body and soul!

This informational guide to essential oils answers questions you have concerning this safe and natural wellness resource…


  • Understand how certain essential oils can support the human body’s natural healing systems without depending on prescription drugs drugs and their harmful side effects. (Chapter 2)
  • An introduction to over 40 of the leading essential oils and discover exactly the health systems they support. (TIP: Chapter 7 alone contain information which could very literally and positively change your standard of living, naturally and inexpensively.)
  • You will find out how simple it is to use essential oils. (Chapter 3)