Have you ever heard someone say “I’m too blessed to be stressed!”

Well…maybe that’s so, but I like to actually think that stress can also be a blessing!

Think about it…

There are two moments in your life where people tend to analyze and assess things:

1.   When you’re in the middle of a “high on life” occurrence. Those times where your feet are in the sand, your kids are laughing and playing, and you think to yourself, “Wow! How did I get so lucky?!”

2.   And then, when you’re stressed out!!! When you’re up to your head in a situation or you’ve taken on too much at once, so you’re tired, confused, cranky, and everything seems to be going wrong…and you think to yourself, “I can DO this! What do I need to do or what do I need to let go of to rise above?”

OR maybe you think to yourself “Why me, why does this always happen to me? I don’t know what I’m going to do”


Here’s the thing…

You can be the victim to your life and let everyone and everything else control it…


You can assess the situation, look for the solution and rise above whatever it is that’s happened.

The choice is yours

Here’s the thing though, most people, especially women, are NOT solution driven…

They first go to guilt, then they blame themselves and after that, they let others tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.

Now, this can be a good thing IF and only IF the person or people who are telling you what to do, have your greater good in mind.

The bummer to that is that they usually don’t. Even if they want to in their heart.

Most people speak from a place of “I” and “Me” instead of “You” and “Them”

When you learn to be solution driven, you approach stress and stressful situations as a sign that something needs to be reevaluated…that something has been knocked out of balance, kinda like your equilibrium is off.

However, it takes skills, tools and someone who is willing to tell you the things that you don’t want to hear to help you make those BIG changes in your thinking which benefits YOU first and everyone else second.

Which is how it should be…

Think about it, is that really so bad?

To connect with yourself in such a way that you know exactly how to assess situations and the exact steps that you need to take in order to make it better?

So what if you didn’t have stress?

What if the feeling didn’t exist at all?

You may initially think, “Oh! Well, that would be awesome! I’d be happy all of the time!”

Hold it there just one minute…

At that point stress may be removed from your life, but if it’s your feedback mechanism to know when things are off balance, how are you going to know if you completely get rid of it?

And by the way, when you figure out the “Magic Formula” for NEVER being stressed, please share because from what I’ve seen, at some point or another, people, even BILLIONAIRES and people who have everything they want in life, get stressed.

And here’s the other thing…

Exhaustion will still show up…

Anxiety will still show up….

Weight Gain will still show up…

Mood Swings will still show up…

But see, you won’t know how to recognize them because you’ve removed stress from the formula and stress is what tells you when all those other “seemingly” negative emotions show up.


Stress is your signal, to let you know that something is not right.

So here’s what you can do the second you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed…

Ask Yourself These Questions to Assess WHERE The REAL Problem Is:

#1: Why am I having these emotions?
There is a reason you are feeling this way. Did you overbook yourself? Is your OOI^3 in check? Don’t feed yourself the surface-y crap here, dive deep and find out why you are having these emotions.

#2: What caused the way I am feeling at this moment?
When there’s a problem, you have to assess the situation. An example is that I have noticed that when I’m EXTREMELY annoyed by what my kids do…it’s usually because I didn’t get enough rest the night before! Every now and then when I’m on the brink of losing it, it is usually when a lot of new events are happening all at once in my life!

Be more aware of yourself; so that you can see the symptoms and learn how to diagnose the problem and begin to treat it towards a healing process.

#3: Is there something I can do to change this outcome?
This is where you have to have a real moment with yourself to determine whether or not this is really something that you can control.

If it is, make a plan to eliminate that stress.

If it is not, focus your attention on something else.

#4: Why would I want to spend time energy on something I cannot change? 
This evaluation helps me from making “mountain out of a molehill”!

#5: Is there something I can give away?
Now, I’m not talking about a free product or a service!

It may be an odd job or a small, daily duty that if I can delegate that duty to someone else could possibly relieve some stress for me.

So it’s more important to embrace stress than to fear it or be defeated by it.

Be solution driven instead of wallowing in sorrow over you circumstances!

I know that this can be easier said than done, which is why I would LOVE to help you and give you some simple tools that you can use which can be found in my Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity.

If you haven’t taken the chance to learn more about it, I can PROMISE you that it IS what you’re missing in your life and business.


Now let’s hear from you! After doing your evaluation, how are you going to fix your problem?