It’s that time of year again!

I notice it more around the holidays than any other time of year…

Do you know what I’m talking about? Those PUKEY facebook posts!!!

You know the ones that start off “ Hey friends can I ask you’re a favor?  With your permission I would like to post or tag you in…”  then whatever you want to do..

Some have offers to win free stuff, some don’t.

Here’s the bottom line…It’s PUKEY!!!

But more than that, it’s desperate, tacky & had you planned ahead you wouldn’t feel the NEED to post these posts and clog up all of your friends + families newsfeeds puking your biz.

Maybe it’s not your fault…

…maybe your upline told you to do it

…maybe you saw someone else doing it and thought it was a good idea

WRONG!! That’s an excuse, it is YOUR fault!


Because you didn’t run your biz like a biz so you could be successful this time of year & not be begging for sales.

Because you didn’t do the work.

Because you didn’t have a plan!

Do you have a plan? Or are you going to be one of “those” direct sellers?

I hope for your sake you aren’t one of them.. if you are NO WORRIES! We are going to fix that RIGHT NOW!

If you aren’t keep reading, to learn more ways to ROCK your biz + share with your DS friends so they can rock too!

Alright, let’s get to work!

Here are my 3 Tips to ROCK your biz & stop puking on your friends + family:


    1. Have a Plan: I know, I know, I keep saying plan, plan, plan. It really is the truth though. Just like anything else in life if you don’t map out what you are going to do you will ALWAYS have that feast or famine mentality.

      Meaning, when you won’t have consistent results.. You will have months where you are fully booked and then in the next breath find your calendar EMPTY!

      Making a plan can be overwhelming, time consuming & frustrating…That’s where my Rockstar Success System comes in! It ELMINATES ALL OF THIS because I have done all of the hard work for you!

      WOOT WOOT, that’s so nice of me! *GIGL*

      The BEST way to do this is to set aside some time each week, like one hour on a Sunday, to plan out what you are going to do to ROCK your biz for the week ahead…

      During this time you should be running numbers, figuring out where you are in relation to hitting your goals for the week so that you hit your numbers for the month.

      Do this in SMALL CHUNKS, don’t attempt to plan out the whole month, otherwise you will overwhelm yourself and quit.

      To help you run your numbers check out this Rockstar TV Episode to learn how to Know your Average to Know Your Goals.

      And THE BEST WAY TO KEEP YOURSELF ORGANIZED EACH WEEK is the Rockstar Success System is custom designed for direct sellers, like yourself, to who want to SKYROCKET their business success without  all the hard work, time-management blocks, chasing task after task OR  wasting money on calendars and planners that suck!!

      Click here to get all the deets on the Rockstar Success System!

    2. Don’t JUST Sell, Build a Relationship:

      This is where 99% of people FAIL. The key to running a successful biz is that you have to build relationships with your clients.

      How do you do that?


      Engage with your customers, find out what they are interested in, wish them a happy birthday or congrats… You gotta engage with them on a personal level & care about them. They are the life-blood of your biz.

      You should head over RIGHT NOW & post on your facebook profile “ What is your favorite (song/book/family recipe)?”

      This will get the engagement going + allow you to get to know your clients you are friends with better.

      Remember, your relationship starts THE MINUTE you first engage with them. You NEVER have a second chance to make a first impression!

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      Really, this all boils down to,YOU DOING THE WORK!

      This Direct Sales stuff – it’s not easy. Success does NOT happen overnight, but I know that having a coach like me by your side can help you create your fastest path to cash.

      I’m here to run side by side with you, show you the ropes and the things that WORK to get MAJOR results in your business!

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    If you are sick and tired of feast or famine in your DS biz, if you need a change, if you want to take your biz to the next level & stand out from everyone else you GOTTA ROCK IT OUT!!

    You got this, you don’t have to be like everyone else PUKING your biz all over.. so take my hand and join me  in my FREE Rockstar Nation and over at Direct Sellers ROCK! and let’s do this together.

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    Power Coach Alishia

    Now I want to hear from you! What are you going to do TODAY so you aren’t struggling tomorrow?

    P.S. Remember to snag your Rockstar Success System before they’re sold out!