When You Are True To The REAL You, People LOVE YOU Even MORE!

As a human being I fall into the same traps that you do in life.

I am truly no different than you, except in the fact that I am always watching, listening, reading, assessing and changing by learning from those traps so that I don’t get caught in them over and over again.

Case in point:  SOME people don’t like the fact that I swear on coaching calls and in my training, I’ve heard it time and time again….

Want to hear a secret?

When I started coaching, I NEVER used to swear because I wanted to ALWAYS sound professional and make sure that no one was offended by my swearing.

But guess what?

Professional DOES NOT = Uptight

And I found that out in Fall of 2013!

There was a sequence of events that happened in my life and I just let my true self loose and it really came out when I did a POWERfueled course for what is now my Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity.

This course had everything to do with letting down your barriers, thinking bigger and GOING FOR IT, whatever it is for you without using FEAR as an excuse.

During this course I let down all my barriers, all my guards and just showed everyone the true me.

I just got sick and tired of monitoring myself and I decided that either people were going to love me or they were going to leave me, but it they were offended, that was their burden to bare, NOT mine and maybe I wasn’t the coach for them.

Guess What Started Happening On All My Coaching Calls….

Because I let loose and I was willing to be “ME” no matter what….

People started saying things like:

  • “That was the best call you’ve ever done”
  •  “OMG I could feel your power and conviction”
  • “You changed my life, I was crying through that call, thank you so much”
  • “I love it when you swear, it makes me laugh”
  • “You gave me the chills, I could feel it in the core of my body”

And then there’s the negative people…

We won’t go into all their crappy crap because that’s their stuff and they gotta work through that on their own…

But I do want to share a story with you and if you saw this in the old group, you’ll know who I am talking about and it could be you, but I LOVE YOU and I want to thank you for helping me grow because that’s exactly what your comment did.

So this is a positive story, about a positive person who I love and so glad that I got to coach her in my Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity!

I did a post in my Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity group asking for OPINION – THOUGHTS … Here’s what it said:

Have you ever been in any other Direct Sales Group Coaching program like this?  What makes Rockstar direct Sales Academunity better?  What is Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity missing?

Now, I am going to post some of the amazing things that were said in just a minute so you can see just what me being “REAL” has done for this group, for now though we are going to focus on the comment that almost made me be “FAKE” to myself and this whole group.

One of the comments was:

“I will NEVER be in another group.  I like that you are super-energetic, positive and upfront.  I could use less curse words (I’m old fashioned I know, I know).”

So here’s where “I” went wrong and everyone who commented on this post doesn’t know this because I edited it so fast, but it really was a HUGE breakthrough for me.

I wrote back (before I edited it):  I wrote back to a couple of the comments and then I said ____, thank you for letting me know and I will do my best to do better….

Then, I thought about it, and in the snap of a finger said to myself “Like hell I will, this is who I am and I am not changing for anyone, I LOVE being me and being FREE.”  So I edited that response and put this:

“That’s part of who I chose to be ___!  Hope You still love me through them.” 

Of course she wrote back and said “I do” and we are all good, which I LOVE!

I was so damn happy about it that I ran to tell my hubby (My Best Friend in the whole wide world).

How Often Do You Say Something To Others That Is NOT True So That You Don’t Offend Them?

It felt so damn good to stay true to me and it felt so freeing to edit that post and KNOW that no matter what she wrote back, I was okay with it because I LOVE ME and I was being TRUE to me. 
I’m so grateful that she wrote that because I would’ve never had this time to build a deeper relationship with myself. 

Now, just because this blog post is written about me and my breakthrough, there’s a lot that you can learn from it.  
Like how often do you say something to someone that it NOT true to you just so that you don’t offend them, just so that you can make them happy, just so that you can diffuse the situation?  And when you do that, what it’s actually costing you is:  
  • Self Love
  • Self Respect
  • Self Confidence
  • You being able to fall in love with you
  • You being able to look in the mirror and say “I love the shit out of you”   

Is that okay with you?  Are willing to give these important things up so that everyone else is happy?

How can you ever get to TRUE internal happiness when you are fake to yourself to please other people?

That’s the lesson for you to learn from this and I am sending vibes to your soul right now that this resonates so deeply that the next time you feel that you need to be different for someone else, you stop in your tracks and say “HELL NO, THIS IS WHO I AM SO EITHER TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME”

Share with me below a time when you went against your “TRUE” self and how that made you feel…