Last week we talked all about why you’re stuck, frustrated and lacking passion in life + biz so if you missed it CLICK HERE to go back and read it.

Reminder of the 3 things you should know about what we’re doing here:

  1. There’s 3 Email Trainings that you’ll get (this is #2)
  2. Make sure you read through each thoroughly + implement
  3. In order to get MAXIMUM results from this training, you will want to snag up the Rockstar Success System(we’ll talk more about this later)


Since this is blog #2 of 3 we’re going to:

  1. Celebrate your success and WHY you MUST be doing this
  2. Reflect on the things that aren’t working and make a plan to turn things around
  3. Track your Direct Sales Business #LikeARockstar


With that, let’s get started because we have a lot to cover in as few sentences as possible!


When it comes to reflecting, it’s REALLY easy to get caught up in all the negative – we talked about why this happens in blog #1

Assuming that you’ve already read that training (because you need to before continuing on here) we aren’t going to talk about that…

I want to talk to you about reflecting from a place of: acknowledging, accepting & releasing

These are the 3 things that are going to take you from just reflecting to planning, tracking, accountability & getting the training you need to succeed…

These 4 things are what SPRING YOU INTO ACTION!

 ….And you know how much I LOVE ACTION!

 Let’s look at these 4 areas of reflection a little deeper so you can see what I mean here…


  • Acknowledging: This is the time where you GET REAL WITH YOURSELF and look at what you sucked at…BUUUUUUT doing it from an objective point of view.  Not the point of view of putting yourself in victim mode to start the pissing, moaning and whining all over again.  Ya feel me?


So, just take some time…Write down what really screwed you over, got you off track, got you stuck, put you in a rut etc this year.


This is about acknowledging what YOU did that you want to do different


  • Accepting: This is when you say “You know what, me…You you totally screwed up with x, y, z, but by making mistakes, it’s the way you grow and learn and it’s the only way you’re going to get better” (<– Yes this is what you are saying to yourself)


During this time of accepting what you totally sucked at this year, it allows you to really see that you consciously made those decisions for one reason or another.

Your only job in this phase it to accept what you got real with yourself on when you were acknowledging.

Don’t spend a lot of time here or else you will end up going too far and enabling yourself to make excuses when this next year gets tough.


  • Releasing:  You take the shit that you uncovered in acknowledging and you release it by saying “Okay, now that I know what I did wrong and I owned up to that, it’s time to let it go so that I can make space for all the Bigger, Bolder, Badassery that’s on it’s way to me”

Breathe it in….

Breathe it out…

Now let’s get down to business!

It’s time for you to Prioritize, Organize & Plan 2016!


You’ve celebrated all that you did good in 2015 by patting yourself on the back, writing everything down, really SEEING how badass you are, AND you did something nice for yourself as a reward.  ←- That was all in blog #1…

Then, you reflected on how bad you sucked, by accepting it, acknowledging it and releasing it to make room for this New Year!

Here’s the thing though…

As you go into 2016, you are the same person as you were going into 2015…

Now, please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that you haven’t changed and grown as business wife, person and mother.

I am saying that you “COULD” be the same person going into next year unless you do something different!

CHANGE & GROWTH only happen when you consistently make NEW + DIFFERENT decisions that lead you in the direction of your dreams/intentions/end result.

And you know That SUCCESSFUL Direct Sellers (That’s You) enjoy having peace of mind knowing exactly what to focus on each day to keep your life and biz in balance.

If you’ve ever “tried” other calendars and planners that are “designed for Direct Sellers” you already know how disappointing & overwhelming they can be…

Way more tracking than what’s necessary so you feel like you are ALWAYS behind on staying organized…(You don’t need that crap)

 Page after page to organize your house that you never get to because you’re too busy running your household…(You don’t need that crap either)

 Focusing too much on either life or business, so you feel like one is always suffering and you have way toO much to do…(I give you permission to stop the madness, RIGHT NOW)

 And while we’re at it…

If you’re thinking “I’m already using this calendar system, with this computer tracking software and that binder solution and I am STILL overwhelmed and frustrated + highly unorganized”

No worries…

I created the Rockstar Success System with YOU in mind…

It’s the first system of it’s kind for Direct Sellers:

  • That eliminates the unorganized chaos of being pulled in 10 different directions and gives you the peace of mind knowing exactly what to focus on each day to keep your life + biz in balance.    (We’ve left all the overwhelming things out)
  • Banishes the overwhelm and frustration with an easy-to-implement system that keeps you on track and focusing on the things that increase your business profits. (Level Advancements?  Here you come!)
  • Is your one stop shop calendar + tracker + accountability + organization + personal development + training…So your day starts with a small, yet POWERFUL tasks that SKYROCKET your success and efficiency in all areas of your life. (We’ve given you the tools to make magic happen)
  • That stops you from barely being afloat in your life and business and puts you on cloud nine with your house running in tip top shape while your business is growing day by day, week by week, month by month.  (FREE Trips? You’ve got this in the bag)

 So head on over and snag yours RIGHT NOW before they sell out

Love, Love, Love,
Power Coach Alishia