Holy Crap we are rockin’ our way through this training series!

And I’ve been getting lots of emails from you saying how much you LOVE what you’re learning and how excited you are that you snagged your Rockstar Success System before they sold out.
I am totally stoked for you!

You’re going to LOVE the FABsauce additions we’ve added to the RSS this year too and how badass they are to help you prioritize, organize, manage and balance your life + biz.

To recap, in blog #2 we talked all about getting real with yourself and laying out what really SUCKED in your life + biz this year, so if you missed it CLICK HERE to go back and read it.


Reminder of the 3 things you should know about what we’re doing here:

  1. There’s 3 Blog Trainings (this is #3)
  2. Make sure you read through each thoroughly + implement
  3. In order to get MAXIMUM results from this training, you will want to snag up theRockstar Success System ←— CLICK HERE


Since this is blog #3 of 3 we’re going to:

  1. Celebrate your success and WHY you MUST be doing this
  2. Reflect on the things that aren’t working and make a plan to turn things around
  3. TRACKyour Direct Sales Business #LikeARockstar


With that, let’s get started because we have a lot to cover in as few sentences as possible!


 WARNING!!!!! I have a quick #Preachism for you…

If you’re in my Party Plan POWERstart Program or have hung around the Rockstar Nation for any amounts of time…

You know that I am BIG on tracking your numbers and not just relying on your company system to do it.

You know that you should be running your numbers every 30 days for the previous 90 days…

And you know that when you track, that’s the way your business goes UP! UP! UP!

Of course that’s because what you do for your business today affects it 90 days from now.

So when you track every 30 days, you will have SOLID data to know where you should focus and what you need to tweak.

It’s a beautiful thing!

Now, I am not going to spend my time explaining here how to Run Your Numbers because I have a whole episode on RockstarTV about that.


Today, I want to talk to you about 3 reasons WHY you need to be tracking and HOW tracking affects your business.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Tracking:

  1. So you can gauge your consistency: When you are running your numbers every 30 days for the previous 90 days you will get clear really quick on how you’re doing.  Just so you know, your numbers are usually LOWER than what you thought they were.
  2. So you can see if you’re on track: When you are running your numbers every 30 days, not only will you see your numbers for THAT month, but you’ll see them for the ENTIRE 90 days so you will know that based on the effort you’re making, if you keep that pace, whether or not you will hit your goals.  THIS IS HUUUUUUUUGE for free trips, incentives and level advancements and the ! reason why people miss them.
  3. So you can have plenty of time to tweak: If you’re not on track you can make the needed changes to course correct. Because there’s nothing worse than “thinking” you’re on track and then you get to the end and find out you missed it by a couple thousand dollars or 4 team members.  A couple thousand dollars could’ve been doing 1 online party per month…And 4 team members would have meant following up with 12 more people who wanted more information about doing what you do.

See what I mean here?

Oh and one more thing…

Tracking also helps eliminate the desperation at the end of every month that has you posting on Facebook asking people to help you hit your numbers and to place an order.

That shit irritates the hell outta me…

Because if you are running your business like a TRUE entrepreneur you wouldn’t constantly be scrambling to hit your numbers.


When you’re consistently tracking, you don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff, you will ALWAYS be on target and when you find that you aren’t you will have plenty of time to tweak and make it happen.

Which is why sooooo many Direct Sellers LOVE the Rockstar Success System

It has you tracking each and every party + recruit leads that you’re getting every single month!

And because it’s the perfect purse size,  you always have your numbers right there with you.

So if I haven’t given you reason enough to track throughout today’s training, there’s really nothing I can do to convince you to do it, LOL…


Maybe I could convince you to get yourself the gift of the Rockstar Success System this year…

I’ve structured everything so as soon as you receive your Rockstar Success System, you’ll have the training implemented & already seeing the results.

This is because I’ve deliberately systemized every aspect of prioritizing, organizing,  managing, balancing your life + biz.

And what I’m doing for you in that training is helping you start your day with small, yet POWERFUL things that will tackle your big list that you want to get done.  So when the end of the day comes, you feel excited and confident that you can do it all.

I’ve even done a lot of the heavy lifting for you…Telling you exactly the order to structure your life, how to structure your daily business tasks, and how to lead your team as well.

This is your all-in-one system to keep everything organized easily and effectively without the stress and overwhelm of traditional calendars and planners.

(After implementing this for almost 5 years straight, I’ve gotten good at FAST results.)

The “worst” that can happen is you find 1 or 2 more ways to help you eliminate the feelings of frustration and overwhelm…

The best that can happen is we work together through the Rockstar Success System to help you get on cloud nine with your house running in tip top shape and your business growing consistently day by day, week by week, month by month. FREE trips? You’ve got it in the bag.


An Easy to implement system that keeps you on track & focusing on only the things that increase your business profits. Level Advancements? Here you come, baby!

After all, I’m the BEST Direct Sales coach there is on the planet for a reason…

My stuff works, and I KNOW that when you get your Rockstar Success System, you’ll be ecstatic with the results you get in your life + biz too.




Consider this:

Over the past 6 years I was in Direct Sales, I generated over $500,000 DOLLARS in PERSONAL SALES and helped 1,000’s of other consultants skyrocket their sales too.  

It all starts with prioritizing, organizing, managing and balancing…

This is why I’m sought out by Direct Sellers all over the world!

And now it’s time for you to take what you’ve learned during this Celebrate, Reflect & Track training series and put it to work in your life + biz with the Rockstar Success System.  

They are still on earlybird and come with 3 FABsauce bonuses that you will LOVE!


Love, Love, Love,
Power Coach Alishia