HOLY SHIT I MADE IT!  barely at that….See for yourself Look Back at 2015

That’s seriously what I am thinking as I sit down to write this message to you about my intentions + plan for 2016…

The last couple years 2014 & 2015 that I have done this, my intentions and plans have looked completely different from one another…

…And this year my intentions + plan is changing again.

Now, I don’t mean what goes on my accomplishment list, I mean how I intend to achieve the things on my list.

You see, I am always refining and tweaking until I find what works for me…

And my goal is always the same…

The simplest way to achieve what I want, while feeling the way I TRULY want to feel on the journey there!

I mean, isn’t that what life is all about?

Read that again:

The simplest way to achieve what I want, while feeling the way I TRULY want to feel on the journey there

So “HOW” do you go about doing it without sacrificing your sanity to figure it out?

To tell you the truth, that’s what I have been working on figuring out over the last 3 years since starting Rockstar Direct Sales!

See, because it’s easy to just slap down everything I want to do…

Everywhere I want to go…

How much money I want to make…

And a seemingly, badass plan to get there…

BUUUUUUUUT It’s all worthless if:

  • I am working like a dog…
  • 10lbs heavier…
  • Screaming at my kids the whole time…
  • And disconnected from my hubbubs…

You feel me, right?

That’s why this year, I have to be SMART-ER…

That’s why this year, I have to think like a CEO (instead of an Entrepreneur)…

That why this year, I have to plan MORE fun things, ahead of time, with dates and all so that I do them…

That’s why I am taking off 204 days so that I can…
Live a Happy Fulfilled Life in 2016


While I am thinking about it, do you have a motto, phrase or quote that you’re living your life by in 2016?

I have had one for the lat 2 years…

2014 = Go BIG! Be BOLD! NO Excuses!

2015 = Live My Happy Life

2016 = Live a Happy Fulfilled Life <— Because you can be happy and not fulfilled, for realz

and you want to know something about 2015?

I did my best to live my happy life and it was still one of the hardest years of my life! 


Here’s the thing…

It didn’t stop me from going BIGGER!

It didn’t stop me from being BOLDER!

It didn’t stop me from MAKING SHIT HAPPEN!

So for 2016, I am Living a Happy Fulfilled Life – YEAH!

That sounds badass 😉

I was just about to say that I haven’t started my intentions or plan in this message so far and then realized that I have actually started a lot of intentions that I have in 2016.

Of course, they aren’t written in my already achieved tense…

They are bulleted for you to see step by step…

And I haven’t written my end of year letter to me in this post yet…

It’s all coming though and it’s coming right now!


WOOT! Let’s do this!

Every year I make a list of 100 things I want to do in my life + 100 things I want to do in my business…

And when I set out to do ALL 100, I didn’t achieve as many as when I set out to do 30!

So this year, my plan of intention success is to:

  • Pick my TOP 33 Life Joys that I MUST complete to make my heart sing
  • Pick my TOP 33 Business Explosions that I MUST complete to fill-up my biz bucket + DOUBLE my income!
  • Then map out my plans of “HOW” to achieve them

As I type this I am thinking “That sounds so easy, but it’s not Alishia, it’s harder than you think”

and then my INGY says

“It is easy and your going to love every minute of living a happy fulfilled life in 2016 because of this intention success plan”

Also, if you’re wondering why I chose 33, it’s because it’s 1/3 of my original 100…

Plus, even with choosing 33 intentions, it’s probably more than I should have…


I don’t want to go any lower because then I feel that I will be sacrificing things that I REALLY want on my accomplishment list9s) for the year…


  1. I took 204 amazing days off
  2. I did 365 heart centered journey’s
  3. I took head-clearing baths 3x’s a week
  4. I went to see my soul sister 4 times this year and it was amazing
  5. We got our second home in Utah + vacationed all over the west coast + camped and lived-up the life over the Summer
  6. I donated my time to a local high school drumline and helped them become badass
  7. I read 12 fiction books and actually enjoyed them too
  8. We vacationed to the grand canyon
  9. We vacationed to Wine Country in California
  10. We visited Colorado twice to see Jennifer + went to gardens of the gods and camped there too
  11. We went to Washington to see Courtney and had the time of our lives
  12. We went on a Disney Cruise
  13. We went on an Allure of The Sea’s cruise
  14. We went to a 49ers game
  15. We went to a Patriots game
  16. We went a skateboard competition (I LOVE WATCHING SKATEBOARDING)
  17. We went to the DCI (Drum Corps International) finals
  18. We vacationed to Iowa
  19. We vacationed to Tennessee
  20. We went to Gatlinburg during Christmas time
  21. We went to Jersey Shore (the town, not the show) with Shasta
  22. I now have an amazing credit score
  23. We have been approved for a house
  24. I went on 2 HCJ Retreats by myself – One in February to Georgia and one in August to Tennessee
  25. We went on 12 love getaways
  26. We went on 40 date nights (instead of 52 since once a month we go on a getaway that counts as a date that week)
  27. Went golfing 12 times and it was a freakin’ BLAST!
  28. We adopted a healthy baby girl
  29. We saved up a downpayment for our first house
  30. I taught the boys how to cook
  31. I went on 50 “ME” Days (the other 2 were built into the HCJ retreats I took)
  32. We took a road trip with the Pisciotta’s
  33. I completed an online photography course


How I Plan to Achieve My Life Joys

  • Schedule them into my calendar
  • Plan out each quarter ahead of time
  • Remember “WHY” they are on my list in the first place (because they make me feel happy and fulfilled)
  • Taking the time to stop and smell the roses of my life


  1. I did monthly company specific bootcamps with 50 consultants purchasing each one
  2. I reached my gross profit intention for 2016 (specific number is written in my workbook)
  3. I created + launched all new products for Rockstar Direct Sales in my workbook (keeping them a surprise)
  4. I successfully launched Badass MOMpreneurs Nation
  5. I successfully launched Rockstar VA
  6. I donated $168,000 to charities and people who I felt called to help (Sports teams, high school band, wounded warrior)
  7. I repeated all things that were MAJOR successes in my business in the past and they paid off HUGE
  8. I trained 1 hour + implemented something new I learned daily (when working)
  9. We created a badass customer appreciation program and doubled our retention rate
  10. We built a badass Rockstar Direct Sales Institute that new + current clients LOVE
  11. I followed my promotion scheduled closely and made things better that weren’t working or serving us fully
  12. I kept things simple which made things so much more fun
  13. I read 48 biz books to share in the year-end book reviews for you
  14. I wrote 52 badass blogs from the heart with badass training too
  15. I only worked 16 hours per week
  16. I showed my team daily appreciation for all that they did
  17. I stayed true to my authentic self no matter what
  18. I mastered 5 badass marketing strategies
  19. I wrote my first Direct Sales book
  20. I took the team on 2 retreats for rejuvenation + creation for Rockstar Direct Sales
  21. I built my business savings to where I wanted it to be (specific number in my workbook)
  22. I organized all standard operating procedures and created ones we didn’t have
  23. I hired a sales team to help with big launches
  24. I hired a social media manager to help with big launches
  25. I consistently mapped out the next quarter to stay consistent with value, sales, and new product launches
  26. I found 2 solid mastermind groups as my go-to support in helping me think BIGGER
  27. I built a brand new, badass Rockstar Shop that people LOVE
  28. I created customer follow up flows for our TOP purchased products
  29. I created + followed a business budget which made my life so much easier
  30. I consistently recorded 2 new videos per week to add value to my followers + clients
  31. I built my leadership mastery program to 500 members
  32. I built my Direct Sales Mastery Program to 1000 members
  33. I sold 100 spots each to my Direct Sales Success & Leadership Schools

How I Plan to Achieve My Business Explosions

  • By following my promotion schedules
  • Tweaking promotions as we go forward and I find what works well and what’s not working for us
  • Staying consistent with my efforts
  • Keeping my personal battery charged through heart centered journeys
  • Sharing with the world how I feel about things and being authentic
  • Doubling the size of my email list through freebies & affiliates
  • Perfecting the things I did before that worked like gangbusters
  • Not changes the things that I KNOW work


As I look at my intentions for 2016, I feel…


And I think I know why…

So I am going to share that with you to help you set your intentions for 2016 in such a way that you can be EXCITED, READY & CONFIDENT too!

There are 2 KEY things that I feel, really make this happen…

#1: The Titles of my Sections

  • Life Joys
  • Biz Explosions

#2: And my SIMPLE Plan(s) on HOW I am going to achieve them

So I encourage you now to go forward into 2016 and set your intentions, motto and word(s) to MAKE IT HAPPEN and live your Happy Fulfilled Live!