You cannot achieve what you don’t intend to achieve….

For the first time ever I am going public with my intentions for 2013 and we are going to see how many I’ve actually checked off…HERE WE GO!


Everything in Pink Happened!!!!

  • 240 NEW Clients
  • Made over $200K
  • Clients Paid My NEW Prices
  • Spark & Hustle Host
  • Speaker at 6 Conventions
  • Paid off P/T Cruiser
  • Paid Cash for Daniels Motorcyle
  • Bought an Audi A4
  • Gave mom $60K to open Paws Inn
  • Get mom FREE from Walmart
  • Went on Dreamworks Cruise
Dreamworks Cruise Excursion

Dreamworks Cruise Excursion

  • Went to Little Mountain GA
  • Went to Honda Battle of the Bands
Honda Battle of The Bands

Honda Battle of The Bands

  • Went Sandals for Honeymoon trip
  • Went on Girls Cruise
  • Hire Executive Assistant
  • Hire Housekeeper
  • Hire Car Detailer
  • Hire Lawn Person
  • Moved into beautiful home with fnced yard, pool, room for 2 offices, boys room and perfect master bedroom, complete with a garden tub
New House in Riverview Florida

New House in Riverview Florida

  • Utah for a month
  • Purchased a brand new Kia
Brand New 2013 Kia Soul

Brand New 2013 Kia Soul

  • Boys got to meet their brother
  • Gatlinburg Tennessee
  • NYC to see the Christmas Tree
  • Christmas in Utah
  • Got to play with brother Gaven again in Utah for Christmas
  • I weigh and maintain my goal weight of 155lbs


When looking at this list, I am like “HOLY CRAPOLA look at all the things that really did come to fruition when I really didn’t have a plan to make any of it happen”…I just believed that somehow it would and went into the year holding onto that faith.

I do want to talk about why I believe the other ones didn’t happen though, because it will give you insight into the POWERful thoughts that you have and how they create what you want/don’t want to happen right in front of you.

  • Spark & Hustle Host: Someone else wanted this for me more than I wanted it for myself..I was just doing it to make them happy…
  • Speaker at 6 Conventions: I didn’t nothing to create the space for this in my life and the little effort I did make was too late, not enough planning when into this.
  • Bought an Audi A4: I LOVE BMW’s and my brother loves AUDI’s so I am not even sure why this was on my list in the first place. No passion, for this car…
  • Gave mom $60K to open Paws Inn: She lost the passion for her business so in turn I lost the passion to help her open her business.
  • Went to Little Mountain GA: I saw this online briefly and loved what it looked like but we didn’t plan it into the schedule so there was no room for it.
  • Went Sandals for Honeymoon trip: Again, something we didn’t fully plan into the schedule so there was no room for it.
  • Went on Girls Cruise: Sounded like a good idea, but it wasn’t a burning desire.
  • Gatlinburg Tennessee: Sounded like a good idea, but there was no true burning desire to do it
  • NYC to see the Christmas Tree: Had to decide between this and Utah due to time and how expensive NYC is and we chose Utah.
  • I weigh and maintain my goal weight of 155lbs: I had to stop running which is what I LOVE to do so it derailed everything for me, I am running again so I WILL do it in 2014.

About 60% of my list came true which is AWESOME!!!

Did you notice the recurring pattern that stopped ALL of it from happening??????

Either the PASSION or the PLANNING wasn’t there so there was no way that it could happen.

When you create your 2014 Intentions remember to ask yourself “Am I truly passionate about achieving this?” … You also want to ask yourself “Where does this fit into my year?”

Because if you don’t know these two things then there’s no space for them inside of you or in your life.

This is my little trick to manifesting my intentions so you should definitely steal it and do it….

Looking Back on 2013

The beginning of the year started out with a bang! Business is booming with 20 new clients per month. I am on track to profit over $254k in income, hired an executive assistant, & open a boarding kennel for my mom which will free her from Walmart.

I am so grateful that she was able to go part time in April to ship I was able to purchase 3 Mac computers and give one PC to my mom & the other PC to the boys. I was asked to speak & train at 6 corporate events for home party consultants, including Miche, Perfectly Posh & Origami Owl, the top 3 companies on my list. 😉

We moved into a beautiful home, in a very nice neighborhood with a large fenced yard, pool, room for 2 offices, boys room & perfect master bedroom complete with a large garden tub.

We went on 7 vacations starting at the end of January to Atlanta Georgia for the Honda Battle of The Bands which was OMG fun. Then in May we hopped on a gorgeous ship for a Dreamworks cruise which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, from the excursions to even more fun on the ship.

July we road tripped it to Utah in our brand new fully loaded Kia for our rewedding & vacation to see friends. We camped, partied & had a blast reconnecting with everyone from home & I even toured the headquarters for Miche, Perfectly Posh, Scentsy & Jamboree Nails.

The BEST thing about this trip is that Daniel got to hang out with Gaven after 6 years of not seeing him & the boys got to meet their brother. Thank You Universe for making it happen.

After we returned home from the road trip, Daniel & I spent 7 amazing days on the honeymoon we never had at Sandals all inclusive resort in the Bahamas. Omg it was heaven!!

October was the time to welcome fall so we road tripped it to Gatlinburg Tennessee where we took in the beautiful sites of the leaves changing & enjoyed more mountain scenery. Woot! Woot!

December was complete with a quick trip to NYC to see the worlds largest Christmas tree and take in the sights for a few days & then it was off to Utah for Christmas with the family & what a Christmas it was! All warm & cozy in our home town with the perfect snowfall to boot. Nothing could make it better except the fact that the boys got to play with their brother Gaven again & build more of a relationship to continue from the July trip home.

Daniel received a cruiser bike for Christmas after 5 years of waiting and cannot wait to get out on the open road.

Woohoooo I reached my goal weight of 155lbs while eating whatever I want, YES. 2013 was amazing & 2014 is going to be even better. Cheers!!!
Power Coach Alishia