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Before we get started looking back at 2015, if you would like, you can look back on¬†2013 & 2014¬†too…

The other day I did my lead into looking back at 2015 with my New Year = New You =CRAP, post!

You need to read that post because it’s important that you understand why the New Year is not your ticket to a new life or biz…

Yep, I said it…

“The New Year is NOT Your Ticket to A New Life or Biz”

Just because you start writing 2016 instead of 2015 does NOT mean that things are different…

So go back and read that post to understand more about what I am saying here…

Today I want to get real + raw with you about my year and how it REALLY all turned out for me!

To tell you the truth, 2015 didn’t go AT ALL as I had intended…

In a nutshell, it fucking sucked overall in one way and it was fucking beautiful in another…

Yes, I said the taboo “F” word and I don’t care…

You love me the way I am or you go find someone else you can love as your coach!

As you continue reading you will understand why I chose those choice of words…

You can find some of what was fucking beautiful over on New Year = New You = CRAP!

This message is really about all the things that fucking sucked, what I did to make it through & the life + biz lessons I learned in 2015…

And I feel that it’s important that I share ALL OF THIS with¬†you so that you can have the strength and confidence to persevere when you’re faced with temporary setbacks that “Seem” like they are going to literally kill you.

2015 started out with the frequency being all off…

I was just newly back with my husband after deciding that we were going to put in the work to build a strong marriage instead of taking the easy way out and divorce.

That alone was enough for us to focus on this year…


The Universe was like:

“Oh hell no girlfriend, this is your year of testing every aspect of your life and business to see how bad you really want it”

And that’s exactly what the Universe did…

January started off pretty good just focusing on getting things settled in the company and redoing how you train in my monthly coaching program…It was a shit-ton of work but we made it through.

February was the first month that I should’ve realized there was something wrong…We went out to the fights the night my period started and I sat in the restaurant cringing and crying for 2 hours before I couldn’t handle it anymore and had to go back to the hotel (we were out for a fun weekend with the kids for their birthdays).

March and April the pain stayed about the same level so Daniel and I decided that we would start working on getting prego with our baby girl…(maybe that would help the period pain)

During this same time, we started marketing and promotion for our Rockstars on The Road 90 day Tour which was also the #WillieFam90DayVacay…It was supposed to be the fun – badass summer of memories and amazingness…

It turned out to be the Summer of “Oh my god what is wrong with me, I think I am going to die”

This was also the month that we had a horrendous experience with our movers (Mr. Mover) when moving to our new house, but I will spare you all that negativity and just share pictures of the place.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.16.45 PM

When May’s period came around, everything went downhill and I ended up in the ER…TWICE!

And the second time was right before we were scheduled to hit the road, like the day before…So it delayed our trip…By the way, they did NOT find what was wrong, they treated me like I was some drug addict who was looking for pain meds.

We are talking pain so bad that my entire body was shaking and I was crying a bucket full of tears, I swear…They sent me away with a UTI diagnosis

One great thing that came out of May is that I learned that I LOVE golfing and my wonderful hubby got me brand new PINK golf clubs for Mother’s Day!


June was a better month for me pain wise, so I got to enjoy the tour stops while being pumped full of antibiotics and visiting friends and family. I was on CLOUD NINE speaking + inspiring

July was okay…I ended up in the Urgent Care in Utah at the end of the month with a HORRIBLE bladder infection and was pumped full of MORE antibiotics…I should’ve made the decision to go home when we were there, but I continued being way stronger than I should’ve been.

August was the FINAL straw…We were in Washington & Oregon on a 2-week break and about halfway through I finally broke and decided that we needed to come home.

Mind you, the drive was 46 hours (almost 2 days) straight through with no stopping, which REALLY meant that it would take any normal family of 4, 6ish days to get home and that’s even pushing it depending on how many times you stopped…

Not this family of 4…

We stayed in 2 hotels because I couldn’t drive at all since I was in excruciating pain, BUT we were home in 3 1/2 freakin’ days.

This quote popped up in my newsfeed on one of the days on the way home from Kevin Hart (he is one hilarious comedian and this rang so true for me….

Also, this is what the boys looked like in the backseat – exhausted from being in the car so much!

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.03.47 PM

My husband exuded more strength than I have ever seen him have while proceeded to drive 30 hours straight so that he could get me to the SAME ER that I had been to, the 2 other times so that they had my records and could figure out what was wrong with me.

We literally went straight from being on the road for 3 1/2 days to pulling up in front of the ER on August 11th…

No stopping by the house…No nothing….

And of course, they found NOTHING! Just said it was another UTI

The next few weeks, I proceeded to see every doctor that you could think of + start homeopathic remedies, we’re talking:

  • Urologist
  • OB/GYN
  • Gastrologist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal Training

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.02.47 PM

  • Went straight Paleo diet
  • Meditating 2 hours a day

kqzqOIw5q9E0SIxRItwH8tkF2B7WRpFChf4Axjnvi_U  iAbW8P3Uy03QtY5DBXab7nhPNP37hUBzDmgqM5cfhZs

  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Oils
  • Hypnotherapist

EVERYTHING I could freakin’ think of to help me…

I even ended up having a colonoscopy to see if my bowels were blocked or something…

Well, they didn’t find blocked bowels, but they did find Pre-Cancer cells!

Wait! What?

I am freakin’ 31 years old and I am not slotted to be in your office for another 19 years…AND YOU FOUND PRE-CANCER?????

Holy fucking shit!

If I hadn’t of been in there for the other pain I was having, I could literally have died from colon cancer and that’s no bullshit.

That’s also something I have never told to the public since all of this went down…

It was weird, though…

I didn’t have the time to process this because this was still NOT the answer to what was going on inside ¬†of me so I had to stay on the hunt to figure out what the problem was.

Somewhere in all this shit, I shopped online for stuff to redo our bedroom + my office to make it cute…

It took a lot of doing on Daniel’s part because I was weak most of the time putting it all up and had to take lots of breaks…

But here is the final result!  I LOVE BOTH OF THESE SPACES SO MUCH

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.01.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.02.30 PM

September 7th, 2015…I will NEVER forget this day!

BAM! The pain hits like 1,000 stabs to my gut and little gremlins chewing on my stomach lining from the inside out…

Daniel says “Let’s go, I am taking you to the ER”

I say “NO, I am not fucking going back there, they will NOT find out what’s wrong with me and I will end up being drugged up and sent home, AGAIN”

Then for the next, what feels like hours I am:

  • Pacing
  • Sitting
  • On my knees on the bed
  • On my knees on the floor
  • Laying on the floor in the fetal position
  • Standing up holding onto the wall
  • Whining
  • Wincing
  • Rocking back and forth
  • While screaming out loud in pain
  • At points, literally begging to die

It was not a pretty site!

There was a point where I was in the bathroom (thinking that peeing would help for some stupid reason), where I got down on my hands and knees and said…

“Angels, please heal me, PLEASE! I will do any work that you tell me to do, PLEASE, just PLEASE heal me, I need your help, I feel like I am going to die. ¬†PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!”

As my husband stands there staring at me, helpless…

There was literally NOTHING he could do to help me, I lay on the bathroom floor begging my angels to heal to me.  If at any time they were going to show up for me, NOW WAS THE TIME!

Right after that, I got off the floor, sat in the chair in my room and started throwing up…

Then sweating…

Then almost passing out…

It scared me so bad that I looked at Daniel and said “Take me to the ER”

He got the kids ready and we headed to the ER…

From the second the doctor walked in, I KNEW that he would be the one to figure out what was wrong with me and guess what?


As soon as he walked in and asked me what was going on, I explained it all to him…

He then asked if I wanted a CT or if I wanted to pass…

I told him that I wanted to pass because they do no good anyway and I have been exposed to a shit-ton of radiation for NOTHING!

He proceeded the way ALL the other doctors had by taking blood, ordering internal + external ultrasounds etc…

This takes some time to get all of it done so he goes and helps other patients…

He comes in my room to give me results and says, “Did you hear that code?”

And I was like “What?”

He said “The code over the PA, that was a code blue for you, sepsis”

I say, “What does that mean?”

He says “It means that your blood is infected and that could be why you’re having all these problems, but I would like to run a few more tests included chest X-Ray, CT with contrast dye of your abdomen…” (and some other shit I don’t remember now)

After the CT, he came in to give me my results and said “No sepsis, but you do have some fluid in your pelvic area, around your right fallopian tube and something going on with your left fallopian tube and waiting for some other results to come back”

This time, he is gone for like 2 hours…

I tell Daniel “These assholes are going to change shift, come in, tell me I have a UTI, send me home with antibiotics and treat me like this is nothing”

Guess what happens?

This new doctor comes in and says, “It’s a UTI so we are sending you home…”

I was like “I knew this was going to happen, that’s NOT what the other doctor said.”

Then he goes “Well there is some fluid in your pelvic area and fallopian tube, where we would normally send you to another hospital and take you into surgery RIGHT NOW to take care of it, but we are sending you home”

I was SOOOOO pissed…

I said to Daniel “If they would normally send me to another hospital and do the surgery tonight, why the fuck are they sending me home? This makes now sense”

The next day I made an appointment with my OB and they got me in later that week…

After that, I was on the path to a plan of healing…

1st Surgery September 28th РNothing resolved due to me needing a FULL hysterectomy and them needing my permission do it.  I told them NOT to stop me from having kids unless it was life or death.

Right Before My Angry Vagina Surgery LOL

Right Before My Angry Vagina Surgery LOL


2nd Surgery November 3rd – 3/4 hysterectomy and a 10 week recovery times since I had 2 surgeries in less than 6 weeks.

At the writing of this blog post, I am still 2 more weeks until it’s 10 weeks but doc says I am doing AMAZING and has released me for baths, YAY!!!!!!!


So yeah, that’s the shit that fucking sucked this year and you know what?

2015 Taught Me a Lot of Life Lessons + Some Biz Ones Too:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.00.28 PM

All the healing flowers I received from loved ones

  • More¬†gratitude for Life
  • Stronger relationship with Daniel
  • Much more respect for Daniel
  • Realizing the need to step back from working as much as I do
  • That adopting means not dealing with the pregnancy crap I hate
  • My angels saved my life
  • I am stronger than I ever thought I was (and I knew I was a strong ass woman, I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime)

    Right After My Angry Vagina Surgery - THUMBS UP!

    Right After My Angry Vagina Surgery – THUMBS UP!

  • True friends show up when you need them
  • Family is NOT always blood
  • To feel my emotions, even if that means I am a crying mess for no real reason
  • Be authentic with who I am when it comes to my business and stop worrying about offending others or losing business because I am me and say “fuck” a lot – it’s exhilarating to me LOL (I actually swear like a sailor – have for as far back as I can remember)
  • Intimacy has nothing to do with sex
  • A business is only as strong as the team of people you build who believe in your vision
  • People love my preachisms
  • I still have so much more to do on this Earth before my time is up
  • The Angels helped me without asking anything in return
  • Value Added is Worth More Than The Price Paid
  • My kids are the strongest kiddos I know
  • I still need my mom, every day (even to just hear her voice)
  • Marketing & Sales are the #1 skill I need to master to take my business to the heights that I intend them to be.
  • Launching new successful businesses doesn’t have to be hard
  • When I look back on past years intentions, a lot of them come to fruition the year after they are intended to happen (<—- This is pretty cool).
  • The 12 week year is too complicated for me so I’ve simplified it and it’s working brilliantly for Rockstar Direct Sales and the team.
  • My team are the most loyal, dedicated people I have ever seen and that is due to me being who I am (<— Is such a badass realization)

So Many Intentions Were Achieved in 2015

  • Daniel and I went on A LOT of Love Getaways


  • We made some awesome memories on the road for 70 days
  • We got to see friends that we haven’t seen in years
  • I got to speak to rooms full of women – I LOVE SPEAKING
Rockstars on The Road, Summer 2015

Rockstars on The Road, Summer 2015

  • I purchased an iMac
  • My companies profit grew from 2014 – 2015 – WOOT!
  • I let go of things that didn’t serve me
  • I learned lessons that will help be a better person for myself, wife and mother

The #1 thing that was TOTAL BADASSERY in 2015 was the fact that I was healed and I now feel amazing!

Nothing tops that!

I have wrapped up my 2015 through my writing and journaling workbook…

Now, it’s time to get REAL with myself about 2016 and what it is I REALLY want to achieve, be, do and have to live a fulfilled life in 2016.

Would you look at that… ^^^^^

My 2016 motto:

Live a Fulfilled Life in 2016

In the next blog post, I will go into what that means for me!

Okay, this has already been WAY TOO LONG…

I truly hope it inspired you the way it’s inspired me!

Drop me a line below or just hit the share button…

Love, Love, LOVE!

Power Coach Alishia