There are only a few weeks left of 2015, which means your life is going to change soon, right?

You’re going to enter 2016 with all new aspirations, hopes, and dreams.

And because it’s a new year, you’re going to be a new YOU, right?


All of that stuff that you’re told about a new year equaling a new YOU (or Biz!) is CRAP!

There! I said it.

And I bet you’re actually sitting there nodding your head agreeing with me. Am I right again?

I know I am!

Let me share with you a status I posted on my Facebook on New Years Eve this past year…

I’m having a hard time believing that in one Nano second people think that life will be better or different.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the new year brings something new that will aid us in being happier, healthier & wealthier…

Except we are the same people we were the last second of the last year.

So although 2014 flew by and 2015 is right around the corner, what I know is that resolutions do not evoke change.

Actually, on the contrary, they end up being a list of things to strive for that get left on the back burner when life happens.

What does evoke change is:

Living + taking chances + making mistakes + learning + growing + laughing + crying + creating & loving…

I’ve grown and changed so much in 2014 because of these things and will continue to grow and change in the new year…not because it’s a new year, because like Anthony Robbins says “If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying”

#‎BeTheChangeEveryDay #AndSoItIs


Think about it. Do you REALLY think that just because you’re going to start writing the year as 2016 instead of 2015 that things are going to change? 



Unless you’re Cinderella, I highly doubt that there’s going to be a drastic change in your life simply because the clock strikes midnight on a certain night. *GIGL

If you REALLY want change in your life and in your business you need to get to work and start working on a plan!


My motto for 2015 was to LIVE MY HAPPY LIFE. And that really DID NOT happen in a lot of ways…You can read more at Looking Back At 2015…The GOOD! The BAD! The UGLY!

For me this meant I was going…

  • Write from the Heart
  • Create New Things
  • Learn & Grow
  • Speak to Inspire
  • Spend Quality Time with my Kids
  • Spend Quality Time with my Hubs
  • Spend Quality Time with Myself

So I put a plan into action and I…

  • Wrote in my Journal daily along with wrote blogs and FB posts from the heart
  • Created SEVERAL amazing kick ass new trainings that I’ve been able to share with Direct Sellers
  • Continued to read, listen to podcasts, listen to speakers and more to continue to learn and grow
  • Did something that I’ve always wanted to do — Go on a speaking tour with my Rockstars on the Road – Survive the Summer Slump Tour
  • Spent more time with husband and kids, including several FUN vacations and camping across the US!
  • Found new things that I LOVE doing during my ME time, like coloring!

Here’s the thing… I am a BUSY wife, mother, CEO and WOMAN…

If I hadn’t sat down and made a plan, I would have NEVER been able to achieve what I intended to do in 2015!

So now it’s time to start looking forward to 2016…

…and talk to you about:

Important Habits + My Motto for 2016

Plan My Week on Sundays

  • Meals
  • Grocery List
  • Family Fun
  • Work
  • Me days
  • Daily heart centered journeys
  • Dance for 5 minutes daily
  • Answer Daily track questions for work (from ap podcast)
  • Track Income and Expenses Daily
  • Focus on 2 main entries for ROCKSTARS
  • Stay Consistent
  • Laugh More With Kids
  • Unplugged Sundays
  • Play The Drums Weekly (rockband counts)
  • Baths 3 x’s a week
  • Kiss my hubbubs every time I’m near him

Motto for biz 2016 = Simplify & Automate While DOUBLING Rockstar Direct Sales PROFIT!

The reason why this is my motto or statement for 2016 is because these are my MAIN intentions when it comes to my business, so they are really the ONLY things that we need to focus on as a company.

Plus by doing these things we will be able to give you what you want from coaching with us…

It creates the BEST WIN! WIN! situation

Now, this may seem like it’s simple, but the real truth is, it’s going to take us as a TEAM:

Staying FOCUSED!

Staying ON TRACK!


And the only way we are going to be able to do all of that is to…


This is about not sitting around WISHING things will change in 2016…


Which is why I wanted to personally invite you to a special FREE training I’m holding to help you map out your New Year without getting caught up in all the fluff.  

Woot! Are you excited!?!

This training is THIS Thursday December 17th at 9PM EST!


& then join us in the
Facebook event too!  

We are going to dive in together &  learn the steps to ALWAYS have more than enough time in your life + biz, how to keep everything organized & TONS MORE! It’s going to be FABSAUCE!!



Love, Love, Love,
Power Coach Alishia