Become a Party Plan Badass

Book MORE Parties, Recruit MORE Team Members & Take CONSISTENT Action…

It’s time to stop procrastinating + get to work if you want to consistently build your team and get booked solid with parties!!!!!

Think about when you first started in Direct Sales…

Feeling like you were a kid in a candy store with the amazing company…

The products…

All the dreams and goal you had…

You just KNEW that it was your answer to FINALLY having more money than month, so that you could take some stress of the household budget.

And you probably had some great results at first too…

BUT then what happened?

You ran out of your friends and family…

You exhausted your  list of 100…

You started implementing all the fluffy shit that doesn’t work…

…So you stopped seeing the results…


Life got busy…

Things got in the way…

…And you stopped running your business like a business…

So now you’re struggling to figure out what to do + asking yourself:

  • Should I change companies
  • Should I add a second company and build that business
  • Should I just QUIT my Direct Sales business and look for something else

Guess what?

None of this is going to help you achieve your ultimate intention…

…Making enough money to supplement your household income so you don’t have to stress so much over money, vacations and all the debt that you’ve racked up…

But you knew that already, right?

Listen, I get it…

It probably feels like every time you turn around, there’s something else you need to invest in to be successful…

And you know what?

It’s like that in the coaching world too…

It’s like that when you’re in business for yourself, period…

It’s what makes your business go round…

So let me help you with the answer all those questions you’ve been asking yourself…

The Party Plan POWERstart Program

Wait, before we move on, I do want to say something here really quick…

I am not going make this information page all long and drawn out, because you should KNOW if you want help building your team, booking yourself solid and staying consistent in your Direct Sales business.

The Party Plan POWERstart Program is what you need if you:

  • Want daily bite-sized strategies to implement that will propel your business forward quickly
  • Are ready to get your business out of the rut it’s been in
  • Feel like you are lost in how to really get your business to be the full time income you intend it to be
  • Know that there’s gotta be an easy-to-implement system to skyrocket your Direct Sales Success
  • Want to see BIG results from the efforts that you make


buy now 37 teal

(37/per month – CANCEL ANYTIME)

This program is the REAL deal in getting consistency when it comes to finding a coaching program that you can train on, trust and implement and get the results that you expect from you investment.

I mean, you already KNOW this if you implemented any of my FREE training in your business…

It’s all part of creating your fastest path to cash!

Alright, let me break it all down for you so can see…

How The Party Plan POWERstart Program Works for YOU & YOUR Business

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.08.29 PM

The Perpetual Booking Formula Will Teach You:

8 different ways to book parties so you never have to worry about booking parties again.

If you ever start to worry about bookings, it’s because you never go back and repeat the 8 ways that I taught you.

Even if you can master 3 of the ways (let’s say the other 5 don’t work for you) and repeat them, you will stay FULLY BOOKED!

I PROMISE you, these are not tactics and trainings that you’ve heard before!

Turn Your Facebook Into Cash Will Teach You:

How to make money on Facebook so that you can turn all that time you’re spending, into cash!

Except for, I don’t want you spending all that time on there…

I want you to spend … 2 hours… and…Book a few parties, sell a few hundred dollars and get a couple new recruits on your team, what would that be like for you to be able to do that twice a month?

Play on Facebook, build your business at the same time…

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Make a Positive Shift Happen Will Teach You:

How to make positive shift happen in your life & business…

To do that, you need to start with putting yourself first without feeling guilty…

Because we’ve talked about it before…

If you are NOT #1 you have to reinvent your life so that you are, TODAY! Or else you will never get to where you want to be…

You have to put yourself first, ABSOLUTELY

And I am going to teach you how to do that…Show you how to do that and get it in your life, and I am going to show all of that so that you’re not feeling guilty while you do it.


I am going to teach you how to EXPLODE your income with the power of your words…

Which is huge!!!

Because there’s certain words that you’re saying that are stopping people.

There are certain words that you’re NOT saying that are stopping people and vice versa.

Some things that you’re saying are getting people to want do it, then you turn around and say things that make people say no

I am going to show you how to use the power of your words FOR YOU to actually build your business.

Kick Your Procr-Ass-Tination Will Teach You:

7 different ways to kick your procrastination and get your shit done

If you’re a procrastinator, not any more I am going to coach you through that…

And I can promise you that there isn’t one program out there for Direct Sellers that teaches you the array of stuff that I am going to teach you in the Party Plan POWERstart Program…

That’s just the beginning of how the Party Plan POWERstart Program will hep you…

This Program is Packed With:

  • Monthly Business plans to keep you on track with your intentions for the month so you actually achieve what you set out to do
  • Badass customer newsletter templates written with powerful verbiage to get your clients HOT for YOU + the products you offer.
  • Scripted Facebook posts to get interaction in your customer groups, your personal profile and in your events.
  • Daily accountability training emails to keep you on track
  • Daily action plans broken down into bite-sized chunks so they are easy to implement
  • Really powerful graphics for you to use that gets people to take action
  • Business changing templates to help you understand what you’re learning and put it into action
  • Organization printables to keep you focused on the income generating tasks
  • And the latest tips, trick, tools, strategies and gadgets to keep you excited about your business

We are talkin’ 5 days a week coaching, 52 weeks a year Party Plan POWERstart Program + your customer newsletter and monthly business plan…

In less time than it takes for you to do a party…

Could it get any better than that?

The Party Plan POWERstart Program is only $37/month!


buy now 37 teal

(37/per month – CANCEL ANYTIME)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m super tempted, but i’m super new to Direct sales and feel as tho I am spending way more than i’m making at thls point.

A: This is the program you want… this is the foundation for all of the other training and will help you have the best business possible.

Q: How do I access the training?

The Party Plan POWERstart Program is a daily email program (Monday – Friday)… You receive a new training email each day to help you take consistent intentional action to build momentum and double your business.  All you need to do is check your email for your WELCOME + First training (check spam too)

Q: How do I know if this is for me?

If you feel like you are struggling with your business, this is for you.  If you want to take your business to the next level, this is for you.

Q: I feel overwhelmed when it comes to my trainings, will this help me?

The Party Plan POWERstart Program was actually created to keep you from getting overwhelmed while training.  I’ve broken everything up into simple to read and implement daily emails.  Each email builds upon the last email, so when you implement them as you go, you will working on building and strengthening the foundation of a thriving business.

Q: Who is it for?

Direct Sales Consultants in the Party Plan industry who want to take their business to the next level, who either get overwhelmed easily, can’t sit down and listen to an hour of training at a time, or who just want the steps broken down into bite size tidbits to help ensure you aren’t on information overload.

Q: What are the benefits of joining as opposed to your stand alone trainings?

The POWERstart Program has everything broken down into daily training tidbits to help ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and that you have the time each day to train.

Each email takes 10-15 minutes to read through and implement, while my stand alone trainings each have an hour+ video to watch or audio to listen to, so the Powerstart program will fit into anyone’s schedule.

Q: Do the trainings expire?

No, since they are emailed to you, you will always have access to them.  What I recommend you do is create a folder in your email just for your POWERstart emails so that you can go back and reference them as needed.

Q: If I started the program and followed it (trust, train and implement) how long does it take to see results in my business?

90 days is a good rule of thumb when it comes to making any changes though because what you do today will affect your business 90 days from now.

Buuuuuutt, when what I teach you, EXACTLY the way I teach it to you, you should start seeing improvements to your business in as early as a week.

Q: After I buy if I have questions is there somewhere to get them answered?

Yep there’s a group that’s specially for paid clients where you can ask all the questions you want + a weekly Q&A LIVEcast ANNNNND a weekly ROCKseat coaching LIVEcast.

No matter what though you can always ask your questions in the group.


Q: Who would you recommend this training to…a newbie to direct sales, a veteran who’s struggling?

The answer is the same for both…

Because it’s designed to help you START or RE-START your business and created with YOU in mind, no matter where you are in your business.  

Q: If I were to cancel for a few months, could I sign back up?

Yes, but you will start back at Day 1.



buy now 37 teal

(37/per month – CANCEL ANYTIME)