ROCKcamps With Power Coach Alishia

Power Coach Alishia is ready to run side by side with you to ROCK your business!

These ROCKcamps are created with you in mind…

You get the price of group coaching, with the POWER of 1:1 attention & the ENERGY of like-minded Direct Sellers who are ready to ROCK their biz too!

These spots fill up QUICK and there’s only 10 available before the registration automatically closes so be sure to register for ALL the trainings that you NEED before it’s too late!

June is JUMPSTART Month!!!!!

Click below and Snag Your Spot for The ROCKcamps That you feel you REALLY need to help you succeed.

Once you pay, you’ll get an email to confirm your spot…

About 15 minutes before you will receive a Facebook Message with the access link…

To access the replay once the live is over, in your original email you will get a link to setup your access and then we’ll add the ROCKcamp replays to your account.