This is it!

The last blog in this training series…

Can I just say that I have LOVED reading all of your takeaways and that you have appreciated that time I’ve taken to share this with you.

So today, I am going to let you in on a secret…

But before I do that, I want to share with you the 5 keys to help you reduce your cancellations and reschedule.


  1. Key #1: BE FUN! Remember the scene from the first Iron Man?  Do you wanna be the driver of the FUN-VEE or the HUMDRUM-VEE?

  2. Key #2: BE FUNNY! Have you ever paid attention to the process that a REALLY funny comedian follows to be THAT funny? My motto doing parties was “Laugh So Hard Your Stomach Hurts Fun”  and you know what…People used to text me the next day telling me that their stomach hurt #SUCCESS!

  3. Key #3: EXCITING! How exciting are you?  (Oooooo, Aaaaaaaah) This is all about the product. Find every reason to get excited about your products and guess what?  People won’t be able to stop themselves from buying something, because they don’t want to be left out of something exciting.

  4. Key #4: ENTERTAINING! Do you hold their attention?  Remember that story telling sells, be animated and bring the product to life.  This is all the entertainment they need for you to have a successful party.

  5. Key #5: EDUCATIONAL!  Do they understand what your product can do for them? “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”, you have a captive audience, make them fall in love with you by teaching them something they can use whether they spend money with you or not.


Remember this…

“You are there to make them laugh and have a great time, the sale of the product is the effect”

Okay, so are you ready for The Secret?

The SECRET to creating a STRONG hostess coaching foundation in your business!

Every hostess is ONE woman!

She’s a stay at home mom…

Her husband works 60 hours per week…

She has 4+ kids…

Her kids are in extra curricular activities…

It’s her job to run the house…

AND she’s hosting a party for you!


Here’s the secret…

 Make what you do to coach her look as simple as possible.



Because if you don’t…

She’ll cancel, reschedule OR have a party with low attendance…

And when you do, she will buy from you, book with you, refer you business and join your team!  #ThatsWhatImTalkinAbout


Here’s what you GOTTA know…

If you do what you’re doing right now coaching your hostesses (unless you’re using MY system already), you’re going to be in the same place in the next 30 days.

Because there’s a better way to coach your hostesses to get you the results you want.

…and you probably haven’t cracked the code on Hostess Coaching for $1K parties because you don’t know how.

So here’s the deal, I’m going to teach you how…

With my Rockstar Hostess Coaching System!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside The Rockstar Hostess Coaching System

  • The Most Common Mistakes When Hostess Coaching & How to Avoid Making Them (they are not what you think)
  • 3 Surefire Avenues You Can Use to Reach Your Hostess & Coach Your Hostess Affectively (no more chasing your hostess down)
  • The Secret Ingredient to Getting Your Hostess to Join Your Team

+ a happy mail package with everything you need to coach 25 hostess, WOOT! WOOT! 

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Love, Love, Love,
Power Coach Alishia