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Survive The Summer Slump

I Have 3 New Clients for You

Before I get into today’s email I want to take a second Thank each and every single soldier who has ever fought for our Freedom, for without you, we wouldn’t be here today.  THANK YOU

It’s a beautiful thing

I have 3 new clients for you…

Our average attendee at the Survive The Summer Slump LIVE event […]

4 Steps to Get People to Take Your Direct Sales Business Seriously

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about direct sales lately…

I’m sure you’ve seen it…

There’s every topic from how they are a scheme…

To how they have changed people’s lives.

Now its time for your Power Coach to weigh in…He he he

Here’s the thing…

You CANNOT run your business like a hobby…

If you do, […]

The Secret to Direct Sales Success

You’re about to lean the SECRET to Direct Sales Success…

And let me just say, it’s not what you think it is.

You see, everyone wants to know “THE” secret….

That one thing that will change their business and life forever if they did it…

Do you really think there’s a secret? 

Do you really think there’s that one […]

Are You a “YES” Woman?


These are the words that you HAVE to get used to saying to other people so that you can have more time for YOU and the things YOU need.

Are you a YES WOMAN?

You know the type, the one who never says no.

The one who everyone calls when they want something because they […]