Are you totally sick of winter?

Well as you know, I live in Florida so we don’t have the snow and no ice, well not usually!

Sometimes winter is not so bad depending on your location, but almost anywhere that you live in the United States, winters have cooler temperatures than the rest of the year.

Here’s the truth about why I live in Florida though…

The one thing that I loathe the most about winter is driving in the snow.

As beautiful as it is to watch from the inside…

Have you ever noticed that when it falls and falls and falls, it’s a pain to get out of?

So let’s talk about removing the snow for a just a minute…

Yes, I promise I will get to the point here soon

Whether it’s by shoveling the snow, plowing it, or using a de-icer, you CAN remove it, and then go on your merry little way.

I know…sounds much simpler than it really is, but with some substantial amount of time and work, you can remove the snow.


You can wait it out…

You can “enjoy” the weather by staying inside and doing all of those things you enjoy…

Such as playing board games, enjoying hobbies such as knitting or watching Netflix to your hearts content, spending time with your family, burning wood or turning on the gas logs.

However, after a few days, life is no longer a fairy tale!

You get hit with cabin fever or fall off your rocker without being able to go out to get your favorite coffee or get your kids out of the house.

So now you’ve reached a point where you have to venture through…

You may decide to gear up and endure the weather, allowing NO obstacle to come your way!

So let me ask you some questions here about your business…

Are you snowed in?


Do you see the walls of less desirable conditions piling around you?

Do you have a plan of what you’re going to do???

Maybe You’ll…

  • Take a break until weather conditions improve…
  • Pray that you can AFFORD to “wait”…
  • Wait and start your business over when the weather passes…

Or will you…

Remove the obstacles that get in your way…

Offer alternatives until you come up with a solution…

Figure out a way out…

What I find is that most people allow their external circumstances to control their internal desires… (READ THAT AGAIN)

If things don’t look great on the outside or the way you want them to, you’re the one that decides that what you want or need isn’t going to happen.

You’re also the one that decides that what you what or need IS IMPORTANT…The choice is ALWAYS yours!

It’s easier to be lazy than it is to go to work and be creative and come up with another way to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

See, the weather is going to be there, whether its extreme temperatures of cold or extreme temperatures of HOT, you have to be creative and have a plan.

So let’s talk about what you can do to continue ROCKIN’ your business all year long regardless of the weather.


Your Creative Business Tools if You Will…


  • Turn a Home Party Into an Online or Catalog Show – Contact your hostess and let her know that in your experience when ______ happens, no one shows up to the party. However, everyone knows about it and is planning on it anyways.  So here’s what we’re going to do.

    I am going to…(tell her how you’re going to setup the online party and how it’s going to go, explain to her how a flash sale party works and what you need from her to make it happen.

    If you are changing to a catalog party, let her know when it will start and follow the Catalog Hostess Coaching training in the Rockstar Shop


  • Map Out a Blueprint of What You Want to Achieve – Annnnnd hold yourself to that blueprint for success no matter what thoughts come into your mind that “TRY” and sabotage it – This blueprint will be your strength when life happens and you feel more compelled to just not do anything, rather than be creative and MAKE IT HAPPEN.DontMissOut

    In the Academunity pretty much ALL the training is helping you create this blueprint, this new mindset of rockin’ your business + rockin’ your life.  Have you checked it out yet? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! Enrollment to the Academunity is CLOSING SOON!!!


  • Learn to Throw FUN Theme Parties – Theme parties are always a FUN way to channel people’s mindsets and instead of complaining about the weather and what is, they can do something else that helps them enjoy it. A lot of people think that Theme Parties are the way of the past, but that’s only if your themes are all old school. Theme Parties give your hostess and guests something to look forward to! If you come up with themes that are relevant to now-a-days, they can be the difference between someone canceling or holding. And the difference between a packed house or a couple showing up.  The sky is the limit here…It’s really up to you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  • Overbook to Stay Ahead – This is my FAVORITE and something that I have ALWAYS done. See, I have always ran the numbers, did my budget, went on the lower end of my party average, to see how many parties I needed to HOLD in order to pay my household bills.Then I would look at my cancellation rate over the last 90 days + the time of year (you always have to take that into consideration) and then I would decide how many parties I needed to book in order to make sure I made more than enough.

    One thing I NEVER did was count my override check, I used that as EXTRA money because your money is in your control when you do your budget based off of YOUR parties, NOT your team’s!

    If you put it in control of your team override, you will tie money to them and be upset if they aren’t hitting their numbers.  It leaves you frustrated and resentful toward your team after a while, when the fact is, it’s not their job to pay your bills, IT”S YOURS


  • Have an Online Flash Sale Party – A flash sale party can really bring in some dough if you know how to do it right, we have tons of Rockstars who are KILLING it online with my Profit from Flash Sales

    One of my favorite ways of doing a flash sale is using the scarcity tactic…You post and item that you have for sale (this really only works if you have stock) and you say the name of it, how it benefits them, how it can be used, the retail price of it and the sale price of it.  Right after the sale price you put, to the first person who posts their email below (so you can invoice them via paypal or square).

    It makes people jump like crazy for your product and help you get rid of some old stock, demos or stuff that you have around PLUS puts money in your pocket, #LikeARockstar.

These are just a quick few POWERFUL ideas that can help you…

Of course, I can give you idea after ideas, training after training, resource after resource, but you have to be willing to do the work.

You have to be willing to take what you get and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Are you seeing the theme with today’s MOJO Boost?


Now of course, we can do this together, I am always here to help you ROCK! Enrollment in my Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity is closing soon, if you want to MAKE IT HAPPEN, this is truly the best option for you. CLICK HERE to see all the details of the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity.

You just gotta reach out your hand and we’ll MAKE IT HAPPEN together!

So take these tips + tricks and create a plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN no matter what your external circumstances are right now…


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Power Coach Alishia

I want to hear from YOU, COMMENT BELOW! What are you going to do to MAKE IT HAPPEN?