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Team Leadership

3 MORE Tips to Kick Your Procr-ass-tination

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
1. WHY You Procrastinate
2. What Procrastination REALLY does to you
3. 3 Tips to Kick Your Procrastination ONCE AND FOR ALL
Summary of what I taught in this video:
Have you let the busy holiday season get the best of you and your business? Have you been […]

3 Ninja Tricks to Kick Your Procrastination in Direct Sales

Do you find that you put things off because you feel like something else is more important then you end up bouncing from one really important task to the next without really getting anything done?

Do you ever feel like you are playing tug-o-war with yourself when you are “trying” to get yourself to do […]

Plan The Perfect Direct Sales Biz + Life

Have you ever lost something REALLY important?

Like a hostess contact information… Your party summary…An appointment card…

Like something you REALLY need RIGHT NOW?

What do you do?

…Get angry…Ask someone if they have seen it or to help you find it?

What happens when you still can’t find what you are looking for?

Do you hear that nagging voice […]

Get Rid of Your Stress Once and For All

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m too blessed to be stressed!”

Well…maybe that’s so, but I like to actually think that stress can also be a blessing!

Think about it…

There are two moments in your life where people tend to analyze and assess things:

1.   When you’re in the middle of a “high on life” occurrence. Those […]

I Want Success In Direct Sales But Life Gets In The Way

Does this sound familiar?

…I wish I had more parties…I don’t have the time to book parties, I have this and that to do…

…I wish I could build my team…I don’t have time to help the team that I do have

…I wish I could make consistent money with my business…I had to take a break […]

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It’s that time of year again..

The holidays are coming and that means that there will be a whole lot of you direct sellers complaining about being able to book parties..

I hear it ALL THE TIME…


…“Alishia, no one wants to book parties around the holidays because they are SO busy..”

…“Alishia, I can’t get any bookings..”

….”Alishia, […]

5 Pitfalls in Your Team Leadership

How many times have you thought to yourself “If this person could just earn her kit somehow then she could join my team”?

So you go to work “TRYING” to figure out the best way to help her earn her kit…

Reading about this idea and that idea + getting so excited because you “MIGHT” have […]