So on Monday I talked to you a little bit about my formula for organizing the chaos in your life but I didn’t give you any specifics.  

I wanted to see what you would come up with on your own once you went through meditation Power Coach Alishia style.  

So tell me, what happened?  

Did you love it?  

Have you been using it every day?

It’s pretty simple, right?

Let’s talk about how to setup your monthly calendar to really start grasping the first part of the calendar (I am sure you’ve heard this from me before)

On your monthly calendar FIRST you are going to plan in your hour of power, 1 hour EVERY DAY that you are going to exercise for 30 minutes, read a self help book for 15 minutes & then journal your thoughts for 15 minutes. DO IT. Get up an hour earlier, go to bed an hour later, whatever YOU need to do to do this for YOURSELF.

You see, part of the chaos is that you are NOT putting yourself first & when you don’t have time for yourself, you can’t function. You are so busy dipping from your bucket and giving to everyone else in your life you are forgetting the most important person. YOU.

Next, you are going to plan in Me Days. One day a week where you go and do something for YOURSELF for 2-3 hours. No housework, no business, get out of the house!

Your me days don’t have to cost you a thing.

Go to a museum, go to a park, sit and read, whatever you are putting of that you enjoy doing that you haven’t had time for.

We are making time for it because you are a priority.

Secondly you are going to take your monthly calendar and schedule in weekly date nights. Yes, one night a week where you & your partner go on a date without your kids.

Again, this does not have to cost money…

Just have cuddle time on the couch and talk, watch a movie at home, go to a park, go to a museum, go do something to connect the two of you that you both enjoy.

Your marriage needs a strong foundation, you need to be connected to each other.

They are your partner in life & when you do this your bond becomes stronger & you are both more fulfilled.

Don’t make excuses here or your relationship will suffer. You’ll look back in weeks, months or years & say to yourself “What went wrong?”

Well what went wrong is that you didn’t make your partner a priority & now there is so much disconnect & resentment that you are going to have to work ten times as hard to get it back.

You see, when you do this you are teaching your children, if you have them, how to build strong relationships, how to value others in their lives & that they are NOT the number one priority, the world DOSE NOT revolve around them.

The same goes for when you are constantly working and running around like a crazy person. You are showing your kids that life is chaotic, that you don’t have time for them & that you don’t value them. In their eyes they don’t matter. And we both know that is not your intention.

This brings us to what comes 3rd, your kids. Now you are going to put all of their activities, family days etc. on your calendar. (I highly recommend that you color code your calendar for quick reference.) You can even plan in a family day.

One day a week for 2-3 hours where you do something together as a family, just like you do your Me Days & Date Nights.

Now that you have the big 3 in your calendar you will know when you can work your business. Look at all the open dates & plan for when YOU want to do your parties & if there is time for everything else.

You see, when you don’t have a strong foundation, when you don’t take time for yourself & your family & when you don’t set boundaries for your life & your biz YOU create chaos.

There’s no better time to start, so do it now!

Grab your calendar & make it happen!

It’s time to start driving your own life & stop the chaos.